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11 November 2010

the ups and the downs


breakfast was two chicken sausage links and scrambled eggs with some heinz 57 sauce
then i had about 4 lifesaver gummies and like 5 kitkat minis (fuck you, halloween!)
then i had chick-fil-a for lunch - root beer, about 9-10 chicken nuggets, and 95% of the small/medium waffle fries

then i went for a run! map my run said it was 1.92 miles. i was gone for about 45 minutes...i guarantee only like 10 of that was actual running. but i got out there!

up next, we have a happy hour with my grad school program alums. at the cheesecake factory. SIGH. at least i was smart and looked up the nutritional facts beforehand...because...yeesh. i'm going to plan for a glass of wine, some edamame, and if i get peer pressured into cheesecake, make someone split it with me and only have a couple of bites. we'll see if i can stick to it :-P


Ms. Chunky Chick said...

Where have you been???? Missing your posts. I know I don't comment much but I love to read. hope all is well!

Joy said...

Hey, a fellow DC-er! I just found your blog tonight and have started 'following' you so I hope you come back to post sometime soon, pretty please? Hope everything's going well for you in the New Year! All the best!

Elise Lowerison said...

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