healthy and happy. one of these days.

About Me

Hi there. I'm Laura!

and I am a total fool.

I started 100in12 back in September of 2009 to try and put a new spin on the same old rollercoaster weight-loss journey that we all know so well.

What to tell you?

Weight Loss bio: I've been gaining weight in a bad way since I was probably in 4th or 5th grade. That's the last time I remember feeling not overweight. I started trying to lose weight in high school, at least that I can remember. I've done Weight Watchers 3 times and never stuck to it more than a month probably; group meetings aren't my things and I don't have the discipline to follow it online. I gained the majority of my recent weight starting my junior year of college. Starting in February of 2007, I got serious about losing weight for a family member's wedding I was in in September of 2008. I lost 65 pounds - I got down to 197 and felt GREAT. And then from December 2008 to August of 2009, I gained it all back plus two pounds. And here we are. I am trying to lose 100 pounds in twelve months, hence the name. But if I don't, I still want to come away with some numbers pretty damned close.

Non-Weight Loss bio: I'm 29, and I live in the Washington DC area. In as much as I'm here to shrink my body, I'm here to expand emotionally. I want to grow up and be the adult I want to be. I'm working on it all and telling you about as much as I can stand without too much embarrassment  pretty much all of it. I love the following things: coffee, Harry Potter, beagles, my friends, my parents, northern California, cuttin' a rug, London, the Virginia Tech Hokies, road trips, camping, the Redskins, music, office supplies, peppermint, cartoons, South of the Border, reading, avocados, the beach, cooking, swimming, Hello Kitty, and all Mario-based video games.


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