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06 March 2010

Surf foooods with attitudes...

Okay loves, I need to get ready and pack and such for my little trip, so I’ll just leave you with my breakfast eats and a little treat.


*Strawberry Chobani with 2 tbsp chia seeds (gotta get ‘em all in today!)
*everything bagel, ¼ cup egg subst., ketchup, 2 slices avocado, 1 LCL wedge.
Biiig breakfast. Gotta be ready for my trip!

I think I’m also gonna make a smoothie or something to take down with me. This is all so I don’t overeat when I’m out at lunch, or make a really unhealthy choice. Maybe a little Chocolate GreenSuperFood mix, milk, ice, banana, and spinach perhaps?

And now, this silliness should hold you over until I make my glorious return tomorrow:

05 March 2010

Bandwagon, Jumping on the.

I think I’m going to call it an early night for myself here pretty soon – I’m heading down to Richmond, VA tomorrow to have lunch with my old little (fun fact! In college, I was in a co-ed business fraternity. I had three “littles”, but I really am only close with one these days. I was even in her wedding!) and then my old roommate is having a birthday party so I’m going to that. Should be fun!

(I’m also going down the weekend of the 20th – for another roommate’s birthday party, and my little is throwing a St. Patrick’s Day party. Par-TAY)


So last week, one of my Whole Foods purchases was Steaz Zero Calorie Black Cherry Sparkling Green Tea.

They are delicious. So I was doing a bit of cleaning up this evening in preparation for my trip tomorrow, and I came across the bottlecaps of the two of four that I’ve drank so far:

HOW FUN is that?! I can’t wait to drink the other two! But I also want to savor them because…Whole Foods = Expennnsiiiiiiveeeeeeeeee.

So anyhoodle….I’m also going to jump on the “take pictures of your fridge” bandwagon. Everybody’s doing it!!!!! I only point out the things I eat, because it is still my family's fridge, and so there's a lot of stuff in the back that I don't even go near...

Like the photoshop skills on the Save-The-Date? The japanese is apparently our last name in...Japanese. The guy in the photo on my left spent a year there teaching English. Those kids are our family friends - the family that we've done Christmas and Thanksgiving together with for the past 15 years! I love them.

Top level: Steaz, Bread and Butter Pickles, Honey Mustard, and full-fat Ranch I don't touch!
Level 2: Pom seeds, Chobs, Fage, Oikos, LCL wedges and Cottage Cheese
Level 3: Feta, Brie, Goat Cheese, some pesto back there that I try my best to avoid, tzatziki sauce, and margerine - also avoid!
Level Quatro: pineapple, Trader Joe's Red Pepper Hummus, half a granny smith apple, eggs, english muffins, and half an avocado.

Crisper drawer! bean sprouts, artichoke hearts, baby spinach, onion, and lettuce. Unfortunately bare!

Turkey Breast, La Tortilla tortillas (GREAT stats!) and chicken sausage. there's other stuff in there that I don't really touch, I never venture below the tortillas really.

This is embarrassing. The freezer is a hot (cold) mess. Plus I bought like a million falafal things because I didn't want to keep making trips to the Heets all the time. You can see the Mint Choc. Skinny Cow cones I haven' had since Lent started, and my Amazing Grass Chocolate Green Super Food powder, corn, Chiken Tikka Masala meals from Trader Joe's...and...lord knows what else is in there.


*Oikos 0% with Honey and 1 tbsp chia seeds
*1/2 WW bagel with 1 tbsp The Bees Knees PB&Co


*BlueBran VitaTop
*AmazingGrass ChocolateSuperfood drink mix (just made it with water instead of milk…still tasted good, just not as rich)


*Tastybite Madras Lentils soup w/ 1 tbsp chia seeds mixed in
*sandwich: multi-grain arnold’s thin, 3 slices turkey breast


*coffee w/1 half&half packet
*1 serving of All-Bran Garlic & Herb crackers
*5 or so pineapple chunks


*sandwich: turkey breast, brie, granny smith apple slices, lettuce on a multi-grain arnold’s thin
*13 newman’s own pretzel sticks
*can of V8

04 March 2010

Meality Bites

Thank you all SO much for your advice! I ended up going with hair down, nude hose, a pastel cami and a semi-chunky necklace. It actually looked really good. I *felt* really good. It was just the right amount of "personality". Not sure how the interview went - I'm always my worst critic.

(oh, for those that said to lose the white collared shirt, the whole thing is actually a dress, with the shirt and the skirt attached so unfortunately that wasn't an option! Otherwise that's exactly what I would have done)

In other news, my order from Amazon came in yesterday, so today was my first day trying chia seeds! They are fun! They added a fun crunch to my yogurt and I added them to my hummus for dinner just....because! 2 tbsp is 70 calories and if you read up on the benefits....wowza. Good stuff there. So they add a fun crunch and apparently do wonders for your body?! HOLLER. Gonna keep up the usage and see how it goes! For those of you that are already on the chia seed bandwagon, how much do you usually eat in a day? I've seen recommendations anywhere from 1-4 tbsp.

And now I'm going to crawl into bed and get a good long night's sleep. Sweet sassy molassy, I am so happy tomorrow is Friday.


*Strawberry Chobani with 1 tbsp chia seeds mixed in
*egg sandwich: multi-grain arnold’s thin, 2 slices avocado, little bit of ketchup, and ½ cup egg subst.


*salad from Mixt Greens: The “Siam”: mixed greens, green papaya, jicama, mango, cucumber, red pepper, fresh herbs, spicy peanuts, marinated tofu and a thai lemongrass vinaigrette. SO GOOOOOD!


*1/2 a tandoori naan dipped in red pepper hummus
*sandwich: tandoori naan with a veggie masala patty with red pepper hummus
*steaz black cherry sparkling green tea

03 March 2010

By fashion show I meant....not a fashion show.

Sadly, friends, I have to take back what I said about the fashion show. I'm sorry!!!! I even went to Target just now to see if they had any dress skirts/slacks to give myself more options, but they stank up the joint with their selection. Which is to say, lack of a selection. I'm sure I'll have a wardrobe crises in the near future and this blog will be the FIRST place I come to!

After trying on two different dresses with my suit jacket, there is a clear winner, so much so that I don’t need to show you the other one. I feel better in this one, I look better, it looks better. It’s a little more straight-laced than I usually wear for interviews, as I like to have a little flair (ha, Office Space) but I think it’ll be okay for this organization, they’re more on the professional-dress side than the laid-back kind of non-profit.

Yes, that mirror is clean now (it's the mirror, not the dress.  I wouldn’t even want the evidence to see the light of day but it’s the best shot of the outfit. I cleaned it right after I looked at this picture. For reals.
I DO still need opinions on a couple things:

1) Is there a way to incorporate any sort of color/personality into this outfit? I could wear a colored tank-top underneath the dress, and it’ll peek through the v-neck part. I just don't want to be too severe, but maybe I'm not, you tell me!

2) Should I wear black hose/tights? Basically I’ll be in all-black. But I have nude hose as well. I have to wear something because it’s FREEZING out, and I’m pretty sure it’s appropriate for interviews. (Shoes are close toed so I don’t have to worry about any toe situation, thankfully)

3) Hair? HALP!

My Life Would Suck Without Foo(d)


*egg scramble: ½ cup egg subst., small handful of diced onion and red pepper, 1 chorizo chicken sausage sliced up, slathering of ketchup :-)


*BlueBran VitaTop


*wrap: La Tortilla Whole Grain White wrap, 2 slices avocado, 4 slices turkey, handful of bean sprouts, 6 bread and butter chips, tbsp or so of honey mustard
*11 baby carrots
*4 pinapple chunks – all that would fit in the bento box!! But they’re huge so it’s probably more like 7 or 8…
*can of V8


*half a garlic naan
*2 tbsp red pepper hummus


*1/2 cup cottage cheese
*Trader Joe’s Paneer Tikka Masala meal (EFFING DELICIOUS)

02 March 2010

Waiting for My Meal Life to Begin

Looking in the mirror this morning (at home and in the bathroom at work) I’m starting to feel more like myself. I think this seems to be the threshold of weight where I start to “emerge” from myself. Anything above, I kind of feel like an inanimate blob. But now, I’m just starting to feel like a person who is overweight. I think that’s kind of a huge thing. I know I shouldn’t even be of the mind to begin with, but it’s nice to start coming out of it.

Also, I have these Lane Bryant pants I wore today...they’re size 22 and WAY too big on me for me to be wearing out in public. I mean, I’m wearing size 18 jeans comfortably, but it’s always nice to see my change in sizes reinforced!

During SWL1 I only got down to the tippytiptopperson of wearing 16s. I was at 197 and most of my 18s were too big, and I could only baaarely fit into one pair of my 16s. I really want to get to those 16s. I know it’s a ways away, but it’s really kind of a mini-goal of mine. I can’t remember wearing 16s. To me that’s almost a “normal” size, at least relative to my own experiences in the past 6 years or so!

PS – I am preparing you now – I need some help with choosing an outfit for an interview I have coming up Thursday. I’m going to have a fashion show on the ol’ blog tomorrow night. Usually Mother100in12 gives me her honest opinion on outfits but she’s (along with Father100in12) still down in Florida! …no doubt mocking the weather we’re having here. But anyway, just be ready for that tomorrow evening!


*1 Vanilla Chobani with ¾ cup Kashi Honey Sunshine cereal mixed in


*1 multi-grain Arnold’s Thin with 1.5 tbsp The Bees Knees PB&Co


*sandwich: 3 slices turkey breast, 1-2 tbsp red pepper hummus, small handful of baby spinach, 1 garlic naan
*9 baby carrots
*half a red pepper cut in thin slices
*serving of all-bran garlic & herb crackers


*BlueBran VitaTop
*half a pink lady apple

*cup of coffee around 3pm…how long has it been since I had coffee? At least a week. (another at 3:30! Sweet sweet nectar…) total of 3 half&half things, totaling 45 calories, and ½ a splenda packet, 0 cals but aspartame…ewwwww


*salad: chicken breast, spinach, ¼ cup of each: goat cheese crumbles, craisins, pomegranate seeds.

(had over a gallon of water today, plus 2 or 3 cups of green tea, I can’t remember! I write it down at work and then…forget to bring it home with me. Meh.)

01 March 2010

Meal Simple

Today was a reasonably good day. Work was meh. Food was good. Water intake was great (over a gallon)! Exercise was good. I hopped on the treadmill for a fast walk for 30 minutes. I was definitely sweating!

Do you guys ever look at the website Cute Overload? Please look at this post, it warms my heart to an unbelievable degree.


*half a piece of tandoori naan
*1/4 cup egg subst. with a few dashes of hot sauce
*pomegranate and passion fruit siggi yogurt (the Icelandic kind! ridonkulously thick and much more tart than any yogurt i've had, but i kind of liked it! i really liked how thick it was. TWSS!)
*can of V8


*Cranbran VitaTop


*1/2 cup cottage cheese
*sandwich: 2 tbsp red pepper hummus, 4oz turkey breast, 1 multi-grain arnolds thin, 1/4 or so alfalfa sprouts? They’re kind of hard to measure. (SO GOOOOOD)
*9 baby carrots


*1 serving of all-bran garlic&herb crackers


*half a pink lady apple


*Amazing Grass Amazing Meal (Pomegranate Mango Infusion flavor) right before I left work!

This one is by far my least favorite. Not bad tasting, but I liked the other ones much better. Like the chocolate ones for example. Which I ordered.

Dinner: (Apparently I’m craving protein like a what what, even though I had about 60some grams racked up from the day already)

I was preparing to make a salad, but then I didn’t know what dressing to use, so I gave up and put it all back and ate the following instead, and it totally hit the spot. – Yes, I was too lazy to make a SALAD. Ha!

*turkey breast with roasted red pepper hummus. (Take slice of turkey. Dip in hummus container. I am a classy, classy individual)
*1/2 a cup of cottage cheese.

Water intake was 132oz plus 3 cups of green tea!

Twistin' the Night Aweigh

Who doesn't love a lil Sam Cooke reference in the morning? I certainly do.

So, T-Dog and I are buddies this morning:



That’s 3.6 down from last week. Totally happy with that. Though I’m over my March starting off point, I think I made a good dent this week in catching up to it.

It also means I lost 9 pounds this month, and I am definitely happy about that!

(For those of you that are new and/or not familiar with my strangeness, T-Dog is short for Taylor, which is the name of my scale. Because that's the brand name. I name my inanimate objects, but that doesn't mean I have to be creative! I named my car too - her name is Daisy. I have a friend whose iPod is named Bridget. Does anyone else name inanimate objects in their life?)

28 February 2010

Cracked Rear Food (Oh, 1990s Hootie. I miss you sometimes)

No time to fool around, kids! I have some work to get to before I aim for an early bed time. (I totally know how to party. Totes McGotes.)

Oh, but I guess I’ll tell you about EH: The Sequel. We went to a create-your-own stir fry place that’s located sort of in between our two areas. The food was okay. The date was okay.

It was definitely better than the first one, that’s for sure. There were a few awkward silences, like we didn’t have transitions or segues into new topics sometimes. After lunch we just walked around for a while. I think our wit matches up fairly well. I’m still not sure if I’m attracted to him yet.

I’m definitely more willing to talk to him further, maybe see him again.

When you date, or when you dated, is/was the physical attraction there right away? Did it build over time?

The guys I’ve liked in the past that I didn’t immediately have an attraction for, it built over time as I spent more time around them, since we moved in the same circles. It wasn’t like EHarmony, where you’re specifically meeting with the pretense of starting a relationship. That’s one thing I don’t like about EHarmony. I don’t think I’m good at going on dates, and that’s the only opportunity you really have to see someone in EH’s case. I suppose it's entirely possible that I'm not cut out for EHarmony, but I'm still going to keep trying through my three months.

I’m probably overthinking it. I guess we’ll just see what happens from here!


*Oikos 0% with Honey, with ¾ cup Kashi Honey Sunshine mixed in
*cup of pinapple chunks (big chunks, maybe like 6 or so)


*tandoori naan with roasted red pepper hummus
*cup of mint green tea


As I mentioned, we went to a create-your-own stir fry place. It was okay, my sauce was REALLY salty, which was unfortunate. But overall not bad and definitely not calorie heavy. The best part is that their website has a “build your bowl” tool and it simultaneously calculates the calories.

Mine was: chicken, water chestnuts, spinach, baby corn, peppers, and bean sprouts, with an asian black bean sauce. Even with two servings of the sauce AND chicken (which I’m not sure I used, I’m just overestimating in case) it comes to like 350 calories. Totally fits into my day.


*10 black olives
*6 bread and butter pickle chips
*spoonful of The Bees Knees PB&Co
*1/2 cup cottage cheese
*small wedge of brie

Holy WTF, Batman. Such a random dinner. But I went on the “What would taste good right now?” meal plan, and I just took reasonable portions of each :-P This dinner does basically make up almost all of my favorite foods.


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