healthy and happy. one of these days.

14 November 2009

The Man of Metropolis Meals Our Hearts

PS from yesterday – I ended up having another 16 oz. of water – so the grandest grand total was 128oz! I drank a gallon of water yesterday.

Today was fun. I hung out a friend of mine, PBP, and her boyfriend, we’ll just call him PBP(BF). I’ve mentioned them here. PBP made lunch for us and then we went and saw The Men Who Stare at Goats. It wasn’t spectacular but it was entertaining and funny. Good soundtrack.

If you go back and read that post about PBP and PBP(BF), about halfway through the post I was talking about how the three of us had discussed getting a place together in January – this September I told them I would jump in and do it if they still wanted…they still haven’t talked to me about it. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s full-on and they assume I’m aware, or they don’t want to do it but don’t want to have that conversation with me. To be honest, it’d work out better for me if we didn’t do it – I still don’t have a full-time job and my temping isn’t enough, plus I’d like a few more months to save up money. But a kick in the pants and being pulled out of the nest wouldn’t be a bad thing either. So we’ll see. One of these days I’ll have to bring it up with them again to see where their heads are. It’s kind of an important conversation. Also January will be here in roughly 4.6 seconds, at least it seems like that!

Moving on to more plan-able things!


*can of V8
*half a banana
*egg sandwich: arnold’s sandwich thin, 1/3 cup egg subst., 7 slices turkey pepperoni, a little bit of ketchup

Lunch: (at my friend’s apartment)

*5 oz chicken breast with a cranberry and pear sauce/glaze
*1/4 cup orzo


*18 all-bran crackers
*1/2 cup veggie crunchers


*turkey burger with a slice of eggplant, arnold’s sandwich thin, LCL wedge, some ketchup
*1/2 a large sweet potato, mashed

I’m still working on the water, right now I’ve had 56 but I’ve got a full 16 oz glass sitting next to me. So I’ll update this later. Updated! I drank a few more glasses while watching Pitt beat Notre Dame and Alabama beat Miss. grand total for today is 104oz! And Foodie Girl, I do crave water! Or, it's more like, I get uneasy when I go for too long without drinking any, or if I know I'm eating something really salty. Even though it gets a little boring at times, I love water. And it does wonders for my skin too.

Greta! The veggies and mozz thing was thrown together with no real plan or, skill or anything, really. Since I also made the baked sweet potato, I started baking the sweet potato at 350 for 40 minutes, meanwhile I sliced the eggplant and salted it and let it sit so some of the water could be drawn out. Then after the first 40 minutes was up, I brushed off the salt and squeezed the excess water out of the eggplant, sliced the zucchini and squash (not too thin) and put it in a baking dish and let it cook along with the sweet potato for another 40 minutes. After those 40 minutes went by I grated/sliced the mozz, took the potato and the veggies out, and turned the broiler on – I let the eggplant cook by itself for a few minutes, then added the cheese and put it back in until the cheese was browned. Then I plated the veggies, added some marinara, then added the eggplant slices and a little more mozz.

Next time I will probably grill the veggies rather than bake/broil them. This was good, but I like the taste of them when they’ve been grilled more so than baking/broiling.

13 November 2009

Meal Chance of Love (

Let's get right to it, shall we? Today's gym workout: much better than yesterdays. Mostly because I didn’t do as much cardio :-P I did a warmup on the treadmill: 5 mins walking at 3mph at 1 incline, then 3 minutes at 5mph (also at 1 incline) then 2 minutes at 3.6mph with a 5 incline.

Then the usual weights, same as Tuesday – still keeping with the increased weights. It was tough but good! Halfway through the weights I got on the treadmill and jogged for 3 minutes and 30 seconds – at 5mph but just at a .5 incline. Then after the weights I jogged for two minutes at 5mph,1 incline. So I got a total of 8.5 minutes of jogging at 5mph, they were just spread out!

After those last two minutes I decided to fool around on a jump rope for a little bit. It was probably only a combined total of like 4 minutes, with all the starting, stopping, regaining breath, etc. I timed myself and my longest stretch was 45 seconds. My legs were buurrnnnnniinnngggg (yes, obnoxiously-typed-out burning!) by the end of it. I liked the jump rope. I might keep this in the ol’ repertoire!

I didn't forget this time: I've had 96 oz. of water to drink today, and I'm working on the next 16 oz. after my dinner. So we'll have a grand total of 112 today. Noice.


*the last two pumpkin waffles! With a leeeetle less than ¼ cup real maple syrup. Quite the treat! (I think the use of maple syrup guilted me into going to the gym today)


*turkey burger with toasted arnold’s sandwich thin, little bit of ketchup, piece of lettuce, and 2+ tbsp of salsa cream cheese spread
*1/2 cup veggie crunchers


*half a large baked/mashed sweet potato
*eggplant and mozzarella with marinara on top of zucchini and yellow squash

Looks like this (apologies for lighting):

It was pretty good! Just a little bakin-and-a-broilin’.

12 November 2009

Back to Liiiiife, Back to Mealityyyy

As I mentioned yesterday, I did in fact go to the gym today! It was okay – I did a 25 minute course on the elliptical at 1 point higher resistance than I have done previously. Then I did 25 minutes on a recumbent bike…can I be honest? I didn’t like it. I stayed on it to finish the course I had selected, but I was not a fan. The balls of my feet were KILLING me, and I felt uncomfortable and cumbersome on it. And I don’t think I was putting a whole lot of effort in, either! I probably won’t do it again. But at least I did 50 minutes of cardio? Something is better than nothing? Question mark??

Oh, and the answers to previous references I have made - many of you got The Big Lebowski, which makes my heart sing. Both the movie and the fact that you got it :-) It really tied the room together.

Also, the quote from a few posts ago, "so I got that goin' for me, which is nice" is from Caddyshack :-) It's not as funny out of context I guess. But I love that movie.

While we're on the subject of hilarious and classic movies, can I tell you one of my all time favorites? History of the World: Part I. It's a Mel Brooks movie. Have you seen it!?!? I have seen it literally hundreds of times and I laugh every time. It's one of those movies that my parents and I can sit around quoting for way too long.



*sliced gala apple
*egg sandwich: toasted arnold’s thin, 1 LCL wedge, 7 slices of turkey pepperoni, ½ cup egg subst. (verdict = delectable. I only ate half of the sandwich though – I realized halfway through that I was full!)


*arnold’s sandwich thin with chicken salad
*cup or so of frosted mini wheats (my lil just-for-fun-treat for the day!)
*18 all-bran crackers

(I didn’t eat this all at once, it was over the 4 hour period where I was temping/in the car on the way to the gym)

Dessert: (that’s right! I had dessert first! Tomorrow I’m gonna wear shoes as gloves!)

*skinny cow ice cream cone


*the other half of my egg sandwich from breakfast (thank god I only ate half because I was WAY too lazy to make anything
*cup of spinach with salt and pepper

GAH! I keep forgetting about the water. I mean, I track it, but then I forget to post it. I drank 64 oz. today. Not exactly *happy* with it, but I did get my minimum.

11 November 2009

The Food Abides (if you get this reference, you are officially, objectively awesome)

Gave myself the day off from exercise. I’m working again tomorrow so I’ll go straight from work, and it shall be (hopefully) good.

You know, for getting all of those vegetables today, I really didn’t eat any. Whoops. I let the mood of the day guide my eating, which amounted to healthy, but hibernation-y food. Like my dinner, for example. If you haven’t had that soup, it tastes exactly like chili. And with a nice piece of crusty bread?! Come on now, it doesn’t get much better than that…when it’s cold and rainy out and all gross, and you get to be inside a warm house with a sweatshirt and thick socks eating a hot, stick-to-your-bones meal. Well, obviously you’re wearing pants too, but that doesn’t play into the imagery here as much, does it?


*pumpkin waffle (this batch is STILL lasting – I only have 2 more though!) with the following on top:
*2 tbsp plain yogurt mixed with 1 tbsp honey, ¼ cup small diced gala apple, sprinkling of cinnamon and nutmeg
*and then I had the rest of the gala apple


*turkey burger! = patty, slice of grilled eggplant, piece of lettuce, mustard and ketchup on a toasted arnold’s thin

I used this recipe, but substituted regular garlic paste for the roasted garlic, and cut the entire recipe in half and made 4 patties out of 1 lb of 99% fat free – or lean or whatever - ground turkey. I did have a slice of grilled eggplant as the recipe suggests.

This was really good! Really filling too. I didn’t need to eat anything else.


*peppermint hot chocolate (cold and rainy day – perfect for a hot mug o deliciousness)
*1/4 cup veggie crunchers


*one thin slice of homemade whole wheat bread, toasted with I Can’t Believe spray
*pouch of Tastybite Madras Lentils soup

PS: Forgot to add: I drank 80 oz. of water today, not including the water used for the hot chocolate, because, really?

grocery love

I love grocery shopping. I really do. I went today and got some fun healthy things - some to use in recipes, some to try new things, and some just because! I got:

*2 lbs of ground turkey (1 lb was used for today's lunch of turkey burgers, the other lb I'll maybe use for meatballs or some other delicious concoction)
*zucchini and yellow squash
*sweet potatoes
*butternut squash
*turkey pepperoni (this will make an epic sandwich or pizza, I can't wait)
*acorn squash (never had it before! excited to try it - anyone have any good recipes?!)
*onion (totally going to use for my butternut squash/onion/apple mix)
*pomegranate (new experience!)

And I also got the following to make this: (minus the pie filling, I won't be adding that)

*Jello Pudding Sugar/Fat Free pudding in Cheesecake (the recipe calls for vanilla but I'm taking creative license)
*Fat Free Graham Crackers
*8 oz Fat Free Cream Cheese (I normally despise FF cream cheese but for baking/cooking it's fine)

I think that's everything. A good mix of healthy stuff - well, the fat free stuff might not be depending on your definition of healthy. Regardless, it was a nice feeling to be proud of the things in my cart.

I think I've mentioned before that my parents are snowbirds and go down to Florida for the winter - last year they went from January to March. The day after they left I went to the grocery store and bought cake (seriously, a whole cake from the bakery. A WHOLE CAKE), ice cream, cake mix and frosting (because the cake I just bought wasn't enough?), frozen pizza, frozen appetizer things, sugar cereal (I totally bought Trix which I find more hilarious than anything) and chips and...and the list just keeps going. I was excited to go home and just dominate all of it. And believe me, I did.

And look at today's purchases. I was JUST as excited to come home and cook, bake, assemble, what have you, all of my things. And they're purchases I can be proud of and that are GOOD for me. I'm hesitant to say "I'm changed" because you never know what life throws at you and how you're gonna deal with it in that moment, but this sure feels a hell of a lot better. I'm smiling today.

Challenge Wednesdays

Okay, Tay had some good news for me:


So for Challenge purposes, I lost 3.4 poundages. Woo! I’m still dubious over how I get a loss so quickly from Monday to Wednesday, but whatevs. I have been workin’ hard at the gym both days, that’s for sure!

So the goals of last week were fully met:

Gym 4 times: CHECK!
Swimming: CHECK!
30 Day Shred: CHECK!
Oh, and Laundry!: CHECK! (It was like my closet was a college kid, went on a bender at frat parties at Target and Old Navy and had then ralphed it all up over my room and his roommate’s shoes or something. But not anymore!)

Reflections of the week:

The third day of the gym was a strugggglllllle and I barely made it there, and I only stayed with the help of Food Network’s captivating programming…mostly about pie, if you remember. Ha. I’m not sure if I should set the same fitness goals for this next week. I’ve been worried that if I put too much pressure on myself that eventually I’ll crack and give up. It happened during SWL1 and I don’t want it to happen this time. When it becomes something I have to do or I’m forced to do versus something I’m choosing to do, that’s when I think I start to struggle with it, even if it is the right thing to do. I’m prouder of the choices I make versus the things I’m obligated to do, even if technically the goal setting was a choice in the first place. My mind is fun labyrinth of crazy, is what I’m saying.

This time around I’m really trying to work with myself and my weird perspectives, to make the weight loss work. I think during SWL1 all of a sudden I thought I needed to become this workout/diet machine and immediately change my way of thinking, too. This time, I know better. I’m trying to use my idiosyncrasies (dare I say embrace them) to get this SWL2 to actually be successful. For example: Holding myself accountable. Everyone says it’s better to tell people, right? You’re more likely to succeed if you know people are aware of your efforts. Well, I hate talking about my weight loss. Absolutely hate it. It’s a big source of shame for me: it’s like I’m admitting to people I’m losing weight because I let myself get this big (twice) in the first place. BUT – writing about it is a totally different scenario. It’s always been easier for me to be honest through writing, it feels safer. And knowing that people I don’t know in real life (yet! :-D) are reading (thank you for doing so, by the way, I don’t think this would be working if it weren’t for you lovelies) about my efforts and food choices is just the right kind of motivation for me.

Moooooving on, goals for this week:

*Track the amount of water I drink - I never know how much to actually drink because I’ve read so many different things: 64 oz, divide your weight in half and drink at least that many ounces, or drink when you feel thirsty/there is no minimum. I try and make sure I drink 64 oz and after that I don’t really pay attention. I’m hoping by tracking it will motivate me to drink more, whatever the number may be. Can anyone drop some knowledge about the amount of water I should be drinking!?

*Go out and get some new vegetables! I’m getting close to overdosing on broccoli. I need something different.

Ha, I think that might be it for the week. It’s gonna be a low-key kinda week.

10 November 2009

Foodsie Roll (no, not the candy, the 69 Boyz song. you know you like it!)

Went to the gym again today! Did 14:45ish on the treadmill. So this time I used the one that has the little electronic track/lap counter on it –I did one lap walking, one jogging at 5.0, then half a lap walking, then half a lap at 5.5, then another half a lap walking, then the final half lap at 5.5! A mile in under 15 is pretty good for me at this point, even it was kind of scraped together. It wasn’t fun but I’m glad I pushed myself a little bit.

Then I did weights, and I raised the weight level on all the machines I did! I was determined to be SORE at the end of the workout, but right now I don’t feel much – maybe a little soreness in my arms. After the weights I did some crunches and ab stuff. In total I was at the gym for a little over an hour.

I talked about it on twitter, but while I was on one of the weight machines, after I had done the aforementioned treadmill, a girl at the gym stopped and asked me how I built up my jogging tolerance. My first thought was quite literally “Are you confusing me with someone else? There’s no way you saw me on the treadmill and then decided to ask me that question” but she was sweet, seemed to be about my age and size so we talked for a quick minute. I told her I started out with only a couple of minutes, and every once in a while added time, or cranked up the speed instead. Haha, and I told her I still hated it. I’m not exactly a motivational speaker. But I spent the next couple of reps trying not to smile. I hope I see her there again.

And come to think of it, I guess it’s hard for me to think of that treadmill work today as a tolerance of jogging, because from my perspective, I spent the entire half lap (both times) wanting to stop, looking under the towel every 15-20 seconds, feeling like I was struggling. But maybe it didn’t look that way? Question Mark??

I’ve never been an achiever when it comes to individual fitness so I struggle with giving myself credit for what I can do…if that makes sense. I’m not good at giving myself credit for gym stuff, I guess, unless I pull a Liz from Biggest Loser and pass out on a treadmill or something. Many people including a licensed therapist have told me I hold unrealistic/unattainable expectations for myself and I don’t even know how to think otherwise.

Okay, this is the internet, not a therapist’s couch (I sat in an armchair, there was no couch to lie on) so we’ll just move along!


*cup of shredded wheat with ½ cup skim milk


*chicken salad sandwich on Pepperidge Farm’s Light Style Soft Wheat
*sliced gala apple


¼ cup of the chicken salad plain :-)
½ cup veggie crunchers


*cheesy broccoli pesto bake – I took a few handfuls of broccoli, sprinkled it with a little garlic salt, parmesan cheese, poured the rest (maybe 1/3 of a cup) of my spinach pesto over top, then added 3 string cheeses that had been grated. Baked for 20 minutes.

It was good, but if I’m being honest, a little on the rich (and maybe too salty) side for me! The pesto was the culprit! Meh.

09 November 2009

Food Looks Like A Lady

Got some temp work today, and I managed to pack healthy food for the day. Score one (or is that two?) for me.

I packed my gym stuff too, and went straight after work to ensure attendance :-) I did a 40 minute course on the elliptical and a 5 minute cool-down, so 45 minutes total on that crazy contraption. I am WIPED! It was a tough one.

Now I’m off to shower, do a little reading and get to bed nice and early. Quite the productive and healthy day.


*toasted pumpkin waffle (plain, took it on the road with me!)
*a bite of the chicken salad I made for lunch because it looked good hehe :-)
*Can of V8


*chicken salad sandwich on an arnold’s thin (chicken salad was just chunk chicken and some light mayo)
*gala apple


*string cheese
*18 all-bran crackers
*serving of baby carrots


*2 servings of steamed broccoli
*1 slice of the pizza from yesterday – added a little more of the spinach pesto and melted 1 stringed-string cheese on top for extra cheesiness!

she got the weigh to move me

Taylor and I had our Monday morning meeting! (for those of you just joining us or have as bad of a memory as I do, Taylor is the name of my scale. Yes, I name things. My car's name is Daisy. My cell phone's name is Leonard, but I call him Lenny most of the time)

Anyway, at first when I asked Tay how I was doing, she was all "ERROR" with a 'tude and I was like, "That's your problem not mine, pal" but I gave her another chance as I always do. Second time's a charm!


Boo to the Yah. 3.8 pounds! That's a great goal for me and my quest, and we'll see on Wednesday what it says for the challenge. I'm gonna leave the goal-setting and reflection and all that for Wednesday as well. For now I'm going to enjoy that I've now lost

32 pounds!

I like being in the 220s. Ha, I mean, I like being in the 160s too, but you know what I'm gettin' at. I like being down this low. 68 pounds to least for now :-)


In other news, I won a giveaway! Kristin over at Eat Oxygen was giving away Zevia and I won a mixed sample pack. HOLLER! Thanks Kristin! Can't wait to try it. I never win anything!


In other other news related to the giveaway sort of, my real first name is Laura :-)


In cool news, I replied/tweeted to Adam Richman (host of Man vs. Food - watch it, he's adorable and hilarious) about something on The Office and he tweeted back the other day. I was so excited but couldn't tell anyone because no one in my real life knows about my blog or this twitter account I have. Hrrmph! Well, okay, I told my mom because I know she has no idea how to use Twitter or what that actually means - I also told her to watch the show to meet her son-in-law because we're clearly in love now. Ha! I AM SUCH A CREEP.


You know, you learned a lot about me this morning. My first name, and the fact that I am a huge nerd and weirdo.

08 November 2009

Meal (wo)Men of Genius

As I mentioned in the playlist post, lots to do today. Cleaning and organizing and doing a metric fuck-ton (it's a real measurement, look it up!....okay, don't) of laundry. Trust me, it’s an all day affair. I’ve still got one load to go in the dryer and then I’m all done.

I just got finished with the 30 Day Shred DVD and for some ungodly reason I decided to do Level 2. Who’s got two thumbs and is clearly not ready for Level 2?? THIS GAL.


I phoned in a lot of it, I’m not gonna lie to you. I liked the cardio movements a lot more in this one, but the circuit training was a little overwhelming. Abs were okay, except for the plank nonsense at the end. When I was doing the stretching I felt guilty, like I didn’t deserve the reward of stretching since I didn’t really complete the workout fully.

Alls I know is I’m glad Jillian was on TV and not physically in the room with me. I’d be crying right now.

I already kind of want to after that workout. But you gotta start somewhere, right?


*pumpkin waffle with 1 tbsp honey, ½ a banana sliced
*the other half of the banana!


*18 all-bran crackers
*gala apple


*pizza: (4 pieces! Went overboard here) Made the honey and whole wheat crust, made a spinach pesto sauce to brush on top, then sprinkled chicken and 2 sticks of string cheese that had been grated.

It was pretty good and I was really hungry…or had a heavy case of hand-to-mouth syndrome. I think all in all the ingredients weren’t unhealthy and it certainly isn’t equivalent to eating 4 pieces of Dominoes, but still… Either way, I started out with two pieces which is an adequate portion…and then had two more. *sheepish look*


*cup of cottage cheese
*can of V8

Kept it light since I had a *ahem* bigger lunch.

So, really? Not exactly proud of myself today. Went overboard at lunch, didn't get really any veggies in, and disappointed in my Level 2 Shred performance. Meh.


I pretty much can’t function without music. Especially when it’s something I have no interest in doing but must do anyway – mainly jogging and cleaning. If it weren’t for music I would probably never do either of these things.

Today I had a LOT of cleaning and organizing to do. Going through papers, files, purses (the crap I find in them is astounding...), clothes both old and current, etc etc.

So I made a playlist. Most of them are songs that make me happy or make me laugh or nostalgic or some sort of happy emotion to distract me from the bane of my existence that is dusting and putting away laundry.

Enjoy. Or feel free to mock me.

Let’s Hear it for the Boy – Deniece Williams (Footloose Soundtrack)
Cowboy – Kid Rock
King of Spain – Moxy Fruvous
I Want it That Way – Backstreet Boys
I’m on a Boat – The Lonely Island
Give it to Me – Timbaland ft. Nelly Furtado and Justin Timberlake
Man in the Mirror – Michael Jackson
I Do Not Hook Up – Kelly Clarkson
Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond
Life is a Highway – Rascal Flatts (Cars Soundtrack)
Bounce – Timbaland ft. Dr. Dre, Missy Elliott, Justin Timberlake
Sunday Morning – No Doubt
Say It Ain’t So – Weezer
Lazy Sunday – The Lonely Island
Baby It’s Cold Outside – Leon Redbone and Zooey Deschanel
Just a Girl – No Doubt
I’m a Believer – The Monkees
Closer – NeYo
I Will…But – SheDaisy
Of All the Gin Joints in All the World – Fall Out Boy
You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb – Spoon
Sax Man – The Lonely Island ft. Jack Black
California – Phantom Planet (for the record, I knew of and liked this song previous to The OC..which I actually never watched.)
The Underdog – Spoon
Let’s Get High – Dr. Dre
Left Coast Envy – The Starting Line
How I Feel – Kelly Clarkson
Under Pressure – David Bowie and Queen
I Write Sins Not Tragedies – Panic! At the Disco
Dick in a Box – The Lonely Island
It’s Gonna Be Me – Nsync
Natalie’s Rap – The Lonely Island
Bedroom Talk – The Starting Line
Hella Good – No Doubt
Finally Found a Home – Huey Lewis and the News
Where You Are – Marc Broussard


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