healthy and happy. one of these days.

27 November 2009

I Don’t Meal Like Dancin’

Today felt more Thanksgiving-ish than yesterday in some ways. I got up, made myself breakfast, and then watched some TV on Hulu and….then took a nice long nap :-) Heh. Got up, had a thanksgiving-inspired-lunch, and then decided to add some productivity to my day.

I had a baby workout. I had to run some errands so I wore my gym clothes out to get me to go at the end. And I did! But I didn’t realize that the gym had holiday hours and were only open until 4:30. And I got there at 4. So I did a quick 20 minutes on the treadmill, and part of that was running a mile again! 4.8mph at no incline, same as Monday.

Going in I knew I wanted to do it again, and come away with confidence and not skepticism this time :-)

The last couple of minutes felt tougher than last time, I’ll admit. But I did it!

Otherwise, food intake was okay, maybe a little on the low calorie side. And I should have (or deserved to, taking a cue from 105 in 365!) gotten more veggies/fruit in.

Water = 136oz! Stellar.


*half a cup cottage cheese
*arnold’s thin toasted with I Can’t Believe butter spray


*sandwich: arnold’s thin, 1 tbsp mayo, piece of romaine lettuce, 5 oz turkey breast, 2 slices cranberry sauce
*cup veggie crunchers


*Tastybite Madras Lentils Soup
*half a large sweet potato, mashed with a little salt and pepper, ICBINB Spray

26 November 2009

I Meal Pretty, oh so pretty!

Well? How did we all do today? :-)

I’m happy to report that I’m happy!

For breakfast I had:

*cup (maybe a little more) of cottage cheese
*gala apple

I had a small-ish breakfast, and then was busy helping with cleaning and cooking that I didn’t end up eating again until we were getting food set out as our guests were coming over. And once our family friends came over (who brought appetizers) I had just one little bacon-wrapped date. It was SO GOOD. But I just had the one, and enjoyed a small glass of my favorite kind of Riesling.

At dinner I had a little bit of everything. To drink I had another small glass of Riesling, a glass of sparkling cider after dinner, and several glasses of water throughout. My plate was full but not overloaded, and same goes for me post-meal! I had a small small portion of mashed potatoes, and average portions of turkey, cranberry sauce, one of my mom’s famous clover-leaf rolls, green beans, five cup salad (I hear this also referred to as Ambrosia) carrots, even stuffing was the same size portion as everything else!

For dessert I had a small serving of sugar free ice cream (maybe 1/3 of a cup) and piece of Derby Pie, which is apparently pecan pie with chocolate added in. It was insanely good. I ate it slowly and really enjoyed it.

My water count for the day is 100oz, plus whatever I had during and after dinner. I don’t know how large our water glasses were, nor do I know how many I drank. But 100oz beforehand is pretty good!

I’m definitely happy with today.

Also, a little NSV: two of my friends that live out of town stopped by to say hello to my family – and one of them, one of my best friends who hasn’t seen me since July, said that I looked really good. That was nice to hear :-)

Thanksgiving Mists of Avalon

What a weird post title. But look at it outside today! :

That's in the parking lot of my high school, outside our stadium. 'Cause I just got back from the track, mo'fo's!!

I did my three mile run/walk alternating again, but did it in a little over 47 minutes this time. Getting faster!  This is the shirt I wore today and I think it helped:

I feel very lucky today. :-)

I'm lucky for a lot of things. Heh, you can see where this is going, right?

Things I'm thankful for in no particular order:

*I mentioned it yesterday, but my parents. They are supporting me financially and emotionally right now. They are so great and they make me laugh every day. The Mists of Avalon thing is a reference to them, whenever it's really foggy out, one of us always goes "It's like the Mists of Avalon out there!" which...doesn't even make sense, really. I've read the book and it has nothing to do with weather other than the presence of mist :-) But it's just one of those things, and it makes me smile. Also, whenever someone says something is crazy, one of us always follows that up with "crazy as a friggin' loon!" ... for no reason. I don't know where these things come from, or how we developed these weird call-and-response traditions, but they're there and I love my parents for our weirdness.

*You guys!! I can't begin to tell you what it means to me to have you follow this poorly-written little corner of the internet and leave me feedback and ideas and positive comments. And not only for your feedback for me, but your blogs too! I would not be doing so well if it wasn't for you all. B. T. Dubs, I'm terrible at responding to comments - I try and reply through my email, but I don' t know if that always works...but please know that I am so appreciative and I love hearing from you and I hope you will continue to do so! I'll try and improve the "I exercised and then I ate and then I have a weird tangent to go on" posts :-)

*My legs. They carried me for three miles faster than I've ever done it before. They ran a MILE on Monday. They are strong and getting stronger.

*My dog! Seriously, he's awesome. He's a beagle named Parker. We got him from a rescue group about 5 years ago, and we have never been the same. He is our little prince. I mean, come on, look at that face:

*My friends: I need more than two hands to count the friends I have that I've known since elementary school, and I am so thankful for that. We've formed a group over the years that now includes spouses, children, siblings, and I don't know what I'd do without them. We have our own online forum, a PHONE TREE (no, seriously, we have a phone tree. We're just some orange slices and Capri Suns away from being a soccer team) and our own Holiday Potluck. I love them dearly and we've all seen each other through some really rough, dark times. They are always the light at the end of the tunnel.

*The DC area. I absolutely love where I live. The culture that's available, the proximity to other totally awesome cities, the history, the politics (well, sometimes!) and specifically in my town: the community. I have a really small family, but with the community I grew up in, we have so many family friends I rarely feel without. And I have a safe track I can run on, an indoor community pool/rec center, I grew up playing soccer and swimming with my friends and exploring in the woods and putting on plays at our neighborhood playground and splashing in pools in the summer. Anyway, it made for a GREAT childhood and it's a great place to form an adulthood. I'm so lucky and thankful for the DC area, even when I'm stuck in traffic on 495. Okay, not so much then, but otherwise. :-)

There are many other little things I'm thankful for, but I'm going to stop doofus-ing around on the internet, and go shower and help my fam get ready for the day. It's gonna be crazy! ...Crazy as a friggin' loon.

In which I compare myself to the Redskins, but it's a good thing!

To update yesterday’s water totals, I ended up at 116oz, so I had a few more bottles while watching Glee :-)

You’ll be happy to know that as I was going to bed, I finally got over the weigh in. I was thinking about today, and it just hit me:

It’s just a day.

Up until yesterday I had been kind of anxious about it “What will I eat? How will I handle eating differently in front of our family friends? Will they notice? Will they question me? Will I go overboard? I wonder if I can say no to pie? Can I really say no?” and the questions go on and on…

And really, there is no need. (this is when I hear all of you say, “You’re just getting to this place now?!!?” heh)

I realized there’s no need for the pressure. I’m doing great so far, and no matter what I do today, I’m not going to gain back 40 pounds in one day. This. one. day. is not going to ruin all of my efforts.

It’s not a reason to go nuts, but it is a reason to relax and not stress so much.

I’m just going to trust myself.

And the same goes for yesterday. Yes, I was mopey and complainy and gross, but the same Thanksgiving principle applies – I didn’t gain back 40 pounds, did I? No. It wasn’t what I wanted, but that happens and it’s part of the process sometimes. And this kind of thing can go for not just anyone that doesn't get the loss that they want, but a gain too (hah, so I can keep this philosophy in mind for Monday!!)

So not like you care, but I’m okay with yesterday.

In a way, it’s kind of good – like the Redskins for example (not that I want to parallel my efforts to the season of the Redskins, because then I really am doomed for failure…sorry guys, you know I love you) – in seasons past we’ve started off winning, and we get to 2-0 or 3-0 and the pressure just exponentially grows to keep it up – watching the games becomes harder and less fun because it becomes less about the game and more about the streak. Can they keep it up, will they keep it up? And it almost feels like the team will literally cease to exist if they drop the streak.

A bump in the road (a L in the Redskins case, or Yesterday, in my case) doesn't mean the world is ending. It can be good, to kind of reset yourself and start fresh.

That’s kind of how I feel. There’s more pressure to keep an undefeated streak (say, knocking it out of the park *LOL mixing sports metaphors!!* every week which I’ve been proudly doing) than to treat each week separately and not link it to weeks past or even weeks future. It’s much more enjoyable when you don’t have that pressure, even, uh, if it might be self-enforced.

I’m happy to say there’s no pressure here today. I’m excited to see my friends and family, and eat and drink with them and have a wonderful holiday and to wear my 18 jeans and look friggin’ sweet in them.

Enjoy today, everyone! Happy Thanksgiving, and Happy Regular Thursday to our Canadian friends :-)

(PS - that would be SIZE 18 jeans, not 18 pairs of jeans. I don't have costume changes at Thanksgiving. Though now I'm starting to think it might be a good idea...)

(PPS - Another way I can be thankful in relation to the Redskins? I may have not had the loss number I wanted, but at least I didn't get BEAT BY THE DETROIT LIONS. I'm still bitter.)

25 November 2009

Dan in Meal Life

Well, I moped today, if I'm being honest. My excuse for not doing anything today is so that by tomorrow I'll feel so lethargic that I won't bargain my way out of some late morning activity. But really, I moped. I know it's ridiculous, but I was looking forward to seeing that 220 number. I should know better, but sometimes emotions run things.

Today was the first day in a while that I didn't feel like being on track. I did pretty well with food, but all day I just wanted to eat eat eat, and a part of me wanted to go back to eating the way I used to, without caring about nutrition or how it made my ass look! Probably a reaction to me being fussy about this morning's weigh-in, which can I point out again that I know I am being completely absurd about it, but it's aggravating nonetheless to have these little urges and wants to eat 3 hot dogs in one sitting or go play video games (which I did today, what's up Super Mario Brothers 3) with an entire bag of frosted mini wheats by my side (which I did not do today!). I had a little fun indulgence at dinner, but it's reasonable. You'll see, it's not so bad.

And I'm still working on the water. I've got only 56oz so far today! See? With the moping? Pathetic. I'll get over myself eventually. But I've got another full bottle here that's 20oz, so I'll definitely have this one and maybe one more. Perhaps I shall update later with a final amount.


*egg sandwich: 1 LCL wedge, egg subst, ketchup, 1/8 of an avocado sliced, toasted arnold’s thin
*1/2 cup cottage cheese


*3/4 cup veggie crunchers
*sandwich: toasted arnold’s thin, 2 slices avocado, roasted red pepper, 2 tbsp tzatziki sauce


*egg in a pocket!!!

(*DO NOT read if you don’t like runny eggs!!)

My mom used to make this for me all the time as a kid. Butter a piece of bread (I used whole grain, and country crack) and use a glass to cut a hole out of the bread. Place in pan butter side down for a few minutes, add egg, when it’s almost all the way cooked flip it over for a few minutes. The whites are cooked but the yolk is still runny and you cut into it and it’s eggy and the toasted buttery bread soaks up the yolk with the firm whites and agghhhhhhh DROOL.

It was technically on the indulgent side for me, considering I can’t remember the last time I used butter for anything…but I would still consider it a very small dinner. But it totally hit the spot.

(All you runny-egg-haters can continue reading now!)

Dinner came on the heels of a fun evening with my parents discussing Thanksgiving and family food traditions – how my maternal grandmother was not really that much of a cook, but my fraternal grandmother could whip up lobster thermidor in the blink of an eye. How our Thanksgiving food has changed over the years, and of course, how obsessed I am with my mom’s stuffing hehe. We talked about the first meals my parents cooked for each other (my mom’s was mac and cheese, my dad’s was grilled cheese and tomato soup…they were classy youngsters) and it was fun. Anyway all this nostalgia brought me around to Egg in a Pocket, and it was the perfect dinner. So amazingly simple and delicious.

Speaking of my parents, they recently celebrated their 41st wedding anniversary. I count my lucky stars every single day that I have two parents that love each other the way mine do - my mom is endlessly entertained by my dad, and my dad thinks my mom is the most adorable woman on the planet. My favorite part of all this is that they met in February of 1968 and were married in October of 1968. They were 24 and 22 years old. Unbelievable. They are my role models.

Look how hot they were. I think this was right when they got married:

This is my favorite picture of them. I don't know who took it, but they captured such a sweet moment:

Challenge Wednesdays

Well, Taylor humbled me a little today. In all honesty, I wanted to get to 220 today. Dare I say it, I expected it. The other challenge weeks so far I’ve been down a pound or sometimes two from Monday-Wednesday. I had always questioned why, and kind of thought it might be a trick of the scale just in my favor – and I expected the same today.



Now, that is still a 2.8 loss from last week, so that’s good! But only a .2 loss from Monday? I’ve had two good days with good food and great exercise. My one guess is because I didn’t drink as much water yesterday as I usually do…

I am well aware that scale victories are not the only kind and certainly the least reliable...maybe Taylor is teaching me to not rely on her. Maybe she’s teaching me to not expect things from her. Regardless of the numbers on the scale, I know when you start to expect results (and not focusing on the work you're doing), is when you probably stop seeing them...even though I worked hard these past two days.

Okay, enough. I'm upset about this number, but, I can kind of feel that its like a little-kid-bratty-upset and not a legitimate upset.

I’m going to go ahead and get over myself for complaining about what is really a 2.8 loss from last week. This WI technically has nothing to do with Monday and I should treat it as such, despite what I had hopes for. I can still work toward those progress pictures for Monday. I want to take them so badly!

As far as Challenge housekeeping goes, last week’s goal To Do list was:

*keep tracking water – CHECK!
*make something out of that acorn squash I have, and finally peel/open that pomegranate! CHECK!
*go to the track (I kind of like it there) CHECK!
*eat spinach every day this week Almost Check! Missed one day.
*do abs work everyday (added late but SO not check – Since Thursday of last week – I did abs stuff on Friday and Monday. Oops. I still don’t like them!)

So kinda didn’t do the abs thing…I really don’t like doing abs work. I think I’m getting better at targeting the muscles though. So what to set for this week...hmmm….

*keep tracking water
*take vitamins everyday (I take one for vitamin B, calcium, and one fish oil caplet)
*do abs work more days out of the week than not (so at least four days)
*exercise on Thanksgiving! Sweat it out!

24 November 2009

Can You Meal the Love Tonight

Good day. Made a lil money (temp work) and went to the gym! 40 minute elliptical course (interval) plus a 5 minute cool down. Good times.

In other news, I got my Zevia pack today that I won from a giveaway from Eat Oxygen! Fun times! The best part is that it came in a little lunch-cooler-ish looking thing! Totally using that for lunches, when I finally get a full-time job. So when hell freezes over, because that’s how it’s looking…UGH. Ah, I’ll leave that complaining for another day!

Water - 76oz...a little less today.

On to the foodisesesses:


*egg sandwich: 1 LCL wedge, egg subst, ketchup, 1/8 of an avocado sliced, toasted arnold’s thin
*can of V8

Lunch/Snack: (at work, and on the way from work to gym)

*18 all-bran crackers
*peanut butter sandwich – 1.5 tbsp peanut butter and 1 arnold’s thin
*gala apple


*cup veggie crunchers


*salad: spinach, pom seeds, 1 LCL wedge, roasted acorn squash
*Zevia Ginger Ale


*two servings (the last of it, finally!) of that no-bake cheesycake stuff

23 November 2009

Man! I Meal Like a Woman

Before I get into the post, can I tell you that one of my more ridiculous pet peeves is my irritation over how Shania Twain talks during, like, all her songs' instrumental sections...drives me NUTS. JUST LET THEM PLAY. There is no need, Shania. See - it gets me all caps-lock shouty. I'll admit to enjoying a few of her songs, but UGH, whenever she starts talking it just....ERGH. I guess that's kind of a 90s pop music thing though - Britney, Backstreet Boys, Mandy Moore all did it. But I didn't like when they did it either. *Love Always, Mandy* heh.

On to the regularly scheduled post!

Well well well. The math doesn’t lie, I'm supposin'. I totally jogged a full mile today. A mile. All at one time. I am so proud of myself. Thanks to everyone for confirming this for me – I seriously was afraid it was too good to be true, even though I saw the display and did the exact same math that you all did!

I never thought I would think I could find a comfortable jog pace. But that’s exactly what 4.8 was, even as I was doing it. It felt comfortable. I never ever in a million years thought that I would have a pace at which jogging would be COMFORTABLE;

And then to do a whole mile! Plus a little extra. I just…I jogged a mile today. And I wasn’t dying at the end, either. I don’t want to go and say I could have done a lot more, because I just don’t know but…it was well within my capabilities to run a mile. I never would have thought such a thing, at least not at this point.

Lest you think a mile was the end of the workout, let me continue!

After the miracle mile (ha) I did 4 machines (and some of them have more than one move involved so I’m doing three sets, but two or three times), then did some jump rope and abs stuff then more jump rope, then 4.5 minutes on the treadmill at 3.5mph and an incline of SEVEN. That got the ol’ heart rate up! Then I did two more machines…and then I got bored and went home. :-P

It was a rainy and gloomy day but you got all smiles from me :-D

Water - 116oz! Boom.

In other news, I totally got in the Christmas spirit today...I know, I know, it's not even Thanksgiving yet. But I couldn't help it! I rocked some peppermint hot chocolate and a newly created Christmas playlist complete with:

O Holy Night - NSync (I love their version and I'm not ashamed to admit it)
All I Want for Christmas is You - Mariah Carey
Christmas in Hollis - Run DMC
Jingle Bell Rock - Neil Diamond
Here Comes Santa Claus - Doris Day
Sleigh Ride - Ella Fitzgerald
Baby It's Cold Outside - Leon Redbone and Zooey Deschanel (Elf Soundtrack - can't wait til that movie is on TV all the time!)
Winter Wonderland - Phantom Planet
Skating - Vince Guaraldi (from A Charlie Brown Christmas)

...and many others!


*glass/cup of milk
*egg sandwich: 1 LCL wedge, egg subst, ketchup, 1/8 of an avocado sliced, toasted arnold’s thin
*half of a gala apple sliced


*sandwich: roasted red pepper, spinach, tzatziki sauce, toasted arnold’s thin
*bowl of Tastybite’s Madras Lentils soup


*peppermint hot chocolate (using peppermint tea and Swiss Miss Sensible Sweets Diet Cocoa)


*half a large sweet potato, mashed with salt and pepper and a few sprays of I Can’t Believe Yada Yada butter spray
*cup of veggie crunches (plus a few more…gotta stop reaching back into the bag, argh!)

Okay, say you're on a treadmill. With no incline because I you didn't feel like it.

You walk for one minute at 3.0mph.

After that minute you crank it up to 4.8mph;

And you proceed to jog until the display says 1.10miles, and the timer reads 14:15.


I like to think that I'm occasionally smart. I'm also occasionally an idiot, but that's neither here nor there. Actually it might indeed be "here" - which is why I'm checking with you all right this minute.

Okay...4.8mph means a 12 and a half minute mile if my math is right...right? 60 divided by 4.8? And I jogged for 13 minutes and 15 seconds...

Did I jog a mile today? At a 12.30 pace?


Here's why this post is riddled with math and question marks, besides the obvious doubts of my own calculations...I just can't believe it...12:30 seems so fast. And I was jogging, dare I say it, comfortably.

I don't want to get all excited and proud of myself and have it turn out that I have a decimal point in the wrong place or something.

I mean, really, did I jog a mile continuously today?

No seriously, I really am gonna need confirmation on this. I don't even mean it in a Fishing For Compliments/Comments kind of way. Seriously. Is my math right on this?

Right Here Weighting (hehehehe, Richard Marx, you and your mullet...)

Taylor and I continue growing closer each week as I try crushing her less and less and she continues to flatter me and give me presents. I hope we can maintain this healthy relationship!

Today she gave me quite the gift.


That is 4.2 pounds down from last week! I think I was definitely rewarded for good behavior – my exercise was really good and I had fun and creative and nutritious meals throughout the week. AND! I got steamed veggies and brown rice (and ate about ¼ of the rice at most) at a freaking Chinese place! MMM. Chinese. I’ve mentioned this before, but you know how my parents are snowbirds and when they leave in January, I go wilder with food than an 18 year old in Cancun? Chinese food was ordered a lot…I used to get eggrolls, low mein, crispy beef, general tso’s chicken, and pan fried dumplings. FOR MYSELF. It would last 3 or 4 meals at least, and even then they were huge portions. Yeesh.

Anyway my point is that I love Chinese food but I resisted, and I was rewarded by Taylor this morning :-)

And I’m only a couple of pounds away from those progress pics! Maybe next Monday, even, I can take them…if I survive Thursday without diving headfirst into my mom’s stuffing and the THREE pies that will be at our house! Oh, plus leftovers!? Come on now. Leftovers are easily the worst part about Thanksgiving (or the best, depending on if you’re trying to lose weight or not). I’m lucky that I don’t really like the mashed potatoes the second time around, so I can easily avoid those. But again with the dressing, or a cranberry sauce and turkey sandwich!? Gah – best sandwich ever. For realsies. And there will be leftover pie. And…you get the idea.

I’ll maybe allow myself a turkey and cranberry sandwich, but I’m gonna keep it clean like I did for Halloween – I still have not had a SINGLE piece of Halloween candy…and oh yes, it’s still in our house. A small bag of it, but it’s still there. It doesn’t really bother me, but it’s like a little gnat flying around, I just want to squash it!

Well – that’s three days from now so until then, I’m just gonna keep doin’ what I’m doin’ and not worry about it too much. The day is about friends and family first! (and alliteration?)

22 November 2009

Meals Like Home

A surprisingly busy day for a Sunday!

If you saw my Twitter feed, then you know that I went to the track! 3 miles, alternating walking and jogging. It took me a little less than 48 minutes. I was just happy that I got out there – I woke up unmotivated. Even when I got to the track after dragging myself there, I wanted to stop after the first mile. And then the second mile. But I finished all three – that was the biggest accomplishment!

After the track I got cleaned up and met my friend PBP for lunch and a movie! We went to Potbelly and I got a salad. And then had a cookie which was offered from PBP. They were mini-size and I said yes! And I don’t feel a bit guilty about it. The salad was really good – it has artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, and chickpeas!

The movie – Precious. Um, wow. I really liked it, but…it’s hard to say “I liked it” because the subject matter is so utterly heartbreaking and devastating…but there are bright moments. And it was incredibly acted by everyone. The movie makes you feel and I think that’s a sign of a movie well done.

After the movie I went back over to my friend’s new condo to help paint some more (and thought ahead and brought my own dinner again, or else it would have been round 3 of pizza!), and now I’m finally home and ready for bed!

Water = 120oz!

PS – Yesterday I totally forgot about the abs challenge I added…and didn’t do it today either. Meh. I’m rebelling.


*half cup cottage cheese
*toasted arnold’s thin with I Can’t Believe Spray


*from Potbelly: veggie salad with no cheese, no tomatoes, with their low-fat vinaigrette
*1 mini oatmeal chocolate chip cookie (my friend bought a bag of dozen of them and gave me one)


*cup of veggie crunchers (okay, plus maybe a few more I took from the bag…)


*salad: spinach, garlic&herb chicken, half a gala apple diced, ¼ of an avocado sliced


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