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25 July 2012

an attempt at cultivation

you know what i realized? i like writing. i'm not great at it, but i enjoy it. and i also seem to do better during the week (health-wise) when i have little goals to focus on. so i'mma gonna try both of those things.

sidebar the first: if you're curious (by "you" i mean...OHAI I'M FLAKY ABOUT WRITING ON THE INTERTUBEZ), i currently weigh somewhere in the 232-236 range. i'm not quite sure b/c my official weigh-in day is tuesday (morning), and i was at 232. then for funsies (by "funsies" i mean, i shouldn't have done it) i weighed myself this morning. 236. so, what? maybe i was dehydrated on tuesday morning, maybe too much salt last night? i don't know. anyway, i'm just going to wait until next tuesday and see what happens!

okay. right. goals.

for the next week:

*i will go to the gym (or exercise in general) two more times before next wednesday's appointment with the trainer.
*i will walk *home* from the metro 4 out of 5 weekdays.
*i will make 2 multiple-serving recipes to have for meals.

that's it for now. i could add "writing all my meals" or "keeping a food/mood journal" or "actually do the homework my therapist told me to do" but i'm going to keep it simple and very focused.


in other news that is completely counterproductive to all health goals, i am having a REALLY fun social week. monday evening and tomorrow evening were/will be spent getting drinks with dear dear friends. and on friday, at work, we're having a combination engagement/new year's party. new year's, i know, it's a whole thing that really isn't worth explaining, suffice it to say it's *totally* adorable that we're doing it. :)

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