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17 October 2009

Meal Housewives of DC

(speaking of which, I wonder what that show is gonna be like compared to the others...totally gonna watch it though at least once 'cause I'm a sucker for anything set in this area :-P )

Okay, here are the meals from yesterday, as promised!

First meal:

*baby carrots
*half a PB sandwich
*1 string cheese

Second meal:

*whole wheat wrap: spinach, honey mustard, chicken salad (the same kind from the past week), 1 LCL wedge
*1 VitaRain vitamin water

Third /Fourth meal:

*helping of roasted butternut squash
*half a bag of 94% fat free kettle corn
*diet coke

My eating schedule was out of whack today but food wise I think it was good. That whole wheat wrap was by far the tastiest thing I ate. And we got these new wraps that are 50 calories per wrap! 5 and 7 grams of protein and dietary fiber – though I can’t remember which is which. Either way it’s pretty good. And they taste good.

I mentioned this yesterday, but it was also the first day that I have had something to drink other than coffee and water in about a month. Those vitarain things are pretty good, but it has aspartame so I started shying away from it. Same goes for DC I guess. It was all good though - no weird reactions or anything.


It's gonna take me awhile to get my food posts up for today, 'cause I'm spending all day at my friend's house. I have mentioned her previously - my childhood friend that now has twin boys; they are a year old today and having a birthday party. My childhood friend (and her husband) also went to VT. So when all adults leave, the FakeAdults (us) are going to relax and watch the VT/GT game.

So it'll be a while before I get back home to tell you the thrilling tale of what I ate today. I know the suspense will kill you.

[PS - can I just brag about my life for a hot second? I love love love that I am lucky enough to have gone through every single school together with some of my friends (and still be very close with them) - elementary, middle, high, and college. All the same. Always friends. I'm so lucky. My mom said once "It is such a fun and special thing that you know people that know what you looked like when you were 8" and I totally agree. ]

[PPS - my two week work stint is over, so I won't have to see FakeKevin again, ever. Also, he's engaged, I found out - did I mention that earlier? I'm too lazy to go look through my other posts to check. Whatever.  I tried to let it go and stop being such a basketcase the past few days, and that was mostly fine. I hate how my brain works sometimes. Oh well - upward and onward!]

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