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25 January 2010

Hi, lovelies. I'm still here. By "here" I mean physically alive. That's pretty much all I've got going for me.

I weighed in today, because I "forgot/didn't get on the scale" last week.

I'm at 225.8.

So you can guess how I've been eating and exercising! (poorly and non-existent-ly)

I have to finish getting ready for my temp job so I have to go, but I just wanted to say hi. I'll write more later, with a post full of complaining, a couple of good points, self-loathing, maybe an excuse or two thrown in there; it'll be great


Rebecca said...

can't wait! =)

Stephanie said...

Welcome back. Hope you are enjoying your temp job ;)
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Foodie Girl said...

I was beginning to wonder where you were. Can't wait to hear the update. Have a good day!

266 said...

Can't wait! Remember, there are always going to be ups and down... just sticking with sticking with it is the hard part! ;)

Hadley said...

Welcome back. As someone who just went horribly off track and returned, my only advice is to stay committed to coming back. Post and let us know how you're doing, and please don't let the self-loathing get the better of you!


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