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11 January 2010

She Moves in Secret Weighs

Heeyyooooo! Back with the pun-ny post titles. How do you like that. I'm not making any promises, because it's actually really tough to come up with one for "meal" and "food" every day. I'm running out of ideas. If you have any ideas for those, send them my way! I'll even credit you :-)

Okay, so you'll notice my cheerful disposition and excessive use of smiley emoticons and exclamation marks. I...LOST WEIGHT.

I literally don't know how this is possible. In fact I kind of think it's unfair given the week that I've had even if I did sort of get my head together the past few days. I'm not about to give the lost weight back to the scale, but...I dunno, it feels different when you know you didn't earn it, right?

This is what Taylizzle told me this morning:


That's a 1.8 pounds from last week. I am dumbfounded and happy and weirded out but I'm gonna roll with it and have a better week this week.

(and thanks for your comments on the vlog. it made coming out of the blogset much easier, hehe! I guess the reason I stayed anonymous at first was because I was afraid if my friends ever stumbled upon this blog, they would see my weight and I would be embarrassed. But at this point, I should be proud to show off what I've accomplished, rather than ashamed of what I haven't yet, right? That's how I should feel, now I just have to get there!)

(oh and Rebecca, let me know when you're in Baltimore! We're totally hanging out. Done deal.)

(I'm just gonna keep going with this whole parenthetical post, and tell you that I just got a new winter coat - because I have great timing and all - from Target on clearance. It was $7.50! It's a cute salmon-pink pea coat. It's an XXL and I can button it but it's not comfortable. And yet I have an XXL dress of theirs that is big on me now...their sizing confuses me. But anyway, this coat is on the "Must Lose Weight To Wear" list!)


Kristina said...

I wanna see a pic of the peacoat. I love the color you mentioned. I got a new winter coat for Christmas (my first in 20 years because of my weight) and its RED! Love!!

You should be super proud of what you have accomplished. Dont hide from it!

Kat said...

Target clothes frustrate the hell out of me. Like you mentioned, I could get an XXL something and it wouldn't fit over my left calf, but I have some size Ls that I swim in. ALSO, at every Target I've been in, it's been like this, so I'm assuming it's all of them - All the Juniors and Normal sizes are all in a lovely little row, then you have cute maternity clothes, and then in the dark back corner, there are like 2 racks of Fat Lady clothes that have ruffles and elastic in weird places. I can't tell you how many times I've made my way through the Normal clothes, hopping from one rack to another, only to find something cute and realize it's FRIGGIN' MATERNITY WEAR and then hang my head in shame as I skip to the next section for fatties. They should stick the plus-sized stuff next to the women's section, and then segregate the more *specialized* maternity clothes!

I know, you don't work for Target, so my bitching and moaning here isn't doing anything except to take up space on your blog. You're welcome.

PS - I agree with Kristina. Show us the coat. :)

Rebecca said...

yeah for the loss!!

and i too want to see a picture, especially since your all out and open now ;)!

BEE said...

ya another loss
great job

266 said...

Good for you for coming out of the blogset! I admit, I still enjoy my anonymity. I know a couple of people in 'real' life who blog and am much more comfortable thinking that even if they stumble onto my site that they wouldn't know with certainty that it is me. Not worrying about it allows me to be 100% honest in my writing.

Katie J said...

If I did over again I might have done it anonymously so that I could be more "free" to write whatever I wanted to but can't go back now right? ;-)

Foodie Girl said...

Yay! Good job on the loss!

Bridget said...

Hi there! I just happened upon your blog and I have to say congratulations you are doing amazing!! I hope to get where you are again soon!

SlenderSwan2B said...

That is because Target is WEIRD! LOL They just can't seem to stil with one thing on the sizing and all kinds of crap. I HATE the 1 for 1x and 2 for 2x and so on that they have. I know I am fat do not try and tell me I am a size 1 @@

Good job!!

266 said...

By the way, I have something for you on my blog!


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