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09 January 2010


It's a new year and I'm throwing caution to the wind. This is me. Scatterbrained and wordy. It's 6 minutes long, I know. I don't know how to edit things; myself or videos, namely.

And sorry about the lighting, it's all over the place, much like myself. Oh and the audio is kinda crappy. I'm a filmmaker!

(Is it working now, for those of you that couldn't get it before? It gave me an "An error occurred, try again later" message a little bit ago, but now it's playing fine for me. Feel free to try it again! Or, this pretty much recaps it: Good Day. Haircut. Coffee with blog friend. Poor production value. I'm wordy. And weird. Fin.)

***Edited to add: I’m dumb. Becca’s blog is, not blogger/blogspot. She’s on my links over there, (Boston) Marathoner in Training. She’s all hardcore and what not!

So the rest of my day went swimmingly. I did a lil Wii Fit Plus. Only burned a little over 100 calories, but I was doing it to pass time, not to actually work out. I pretty much did the Kung Fu Rhythm over and over again.

My dinner was the randomest of random dinners in our solar system. I had a V8, a handful of turkey pepperoni, and maybe a ¾ a cup of pasta. I ate them all separately, mind you. But it was still kind of bizarre. But I got in some veggies (technically speaking, or so the can tells me…and if it’s printed on a product, it HAS to be true, right?!) and some protein so I’m okay with it.

The bonus of the meal was that I ate it right before I went over to my friends’ condo to play video games (honest to goodness, is that all I do?) and usually we eat when over there…but not this time!

PS, Random TV Crush Edition: Kup from Chef Academy. RAAWWWRRRRRR. Lurrrve him.

(see, with the extra words!?! I post a SIX MINUTE video and I've already made two additions to the post. Redonkulous.)


BEE said...

it wouldnt play for me :(

Janetha said...

me either!

Anonymous said...

i got it! and its hilarious! and i love your haircut, and the fact that you are keepin it real! :)

Anonymous said...

ps you are so pretty! you should absolutely vlog again!

BEE said...

got it

its hilarious

and the hair cut looks great

you are really funny whether a vlog or a blog

can i just say

LOVE IT ALL!!!!!!!

keep up the awesome work

Kat said...

Gaaaah I already said it on Twitter, but I'll say it here again - YOU'RE EFFING GORGEOUS!!! And you're hilarious, too, but I already knew that. Where do you live again?? Let's hang out and be besties and braid each other's hair and stuff.

Christa said...

I love this post!! It was nice to put a face to the blog...very pretty I might add:) One of these days I will do a video blog...LOL

Greta from said...

Hey there gorgeous vlogger. :) So, is this called coming out of the blogset? Hm. You look fab, love the hair, love the spunk and the humor and the attitude...and love your good day and good eating. Keep it up. You have come a long way...keep on keeping on! We're all cheering for you!

My first vlog will not happen till I can do 10 real pushups. Might be a while. I'm a weenie. Sigh.

Becca said...

Love it! And i'm so glad we got to hang out, can't wait to do it again (Wii Mario Party next time?)

You look great, and your hair (and nails!) are fab.

Sarah said...

You are beautiful...own it!

266 said...

YES!!! You rock, girl!!! I knew you would get back at it!!! And, OMG, you are so friggen GORGEOUS!!! Seriously, no joke... you are one pretty chickie. Loved the v-log - wasn't sure I would, but you were really funny! So proud of you for posting and having a healthy lunch. Can't wait to see what comes next for you!

KatDoesDiets said...

Loved it. Someday I'll be that brave, lol.

Chai Latté said...

I can't believe how gorgeous you are!
srsly. not. fair. :-)

I'm glad that I am not the only one who wants to 'unhide' :-) I feel like somehow its going to help me.
So, it'll help you too.

nic said...

I can't stop laughing about how good of friends you and I would be if we lived closer together, and how well we could confuse people by having the EXACT SAME VOICE. So creepy.

Rebecca said...

oh. my. word! your so adorable. yes, yes you are!!

and I'm going to be in Baltimore in March, not sure how far away it is from your or what but I would love to meet you! so we'll have to make sure we can make that happen!

loved the vlog...

Foodie Girl said...

Let me just say....

You are sooooo pretty!

I am glad you did this. It gives me a little bit of courage to do one myself in the future.

Jenny S said...

HAHAahhaaaa..... LOVE your video!! We could so totally be best friends or sisters. Our voices are even similiar. You are so beautiful! Such classic beauty!! Thank you for sharing this video. I liked it! I have no idea how I missed it when you first posted it! Wow... that's way too many exclamation points!


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