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17 August 2011

words to remember.

i've got about a million posts to write. weight updates (it's going well), habits i have that i like, a manifesto (!) that my friend/coworker and i wrote, an interesting conversation with my mom...emotions and food and issues, oh my.

but for now, i want to tell you that i am proud of myself. i broke up with bill today. it was long overdue, but i walked away because i was miserable. i don't deserve to feel wrong for being a loving, caring person that can open her heart and trust and love and find happiness and satisfaction in making others happy. i am proud for standing up for myself and nurturing those traits.


Kelly said...

Good for you! It's not easy walking away from a situation like that, so proud of you for doing so.
P.S. I still don't see my blog on your blogroll, missy. cough, cough. =)

Cassie said...

Wow, you go girl, I don't know the whole situation, but it's never easy to walk away from a relationship. Whatever doesn't kill us makes us stronger right ;-)

Kudos to you! You should be proud!

Steve said...


You still with us? :P


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