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28 February 2010

Cracked Rear Food (Oh, 1990s Hootie. I miss you sometimes)

No time to fool around, kids! I have some work to get to before I aim for an early bed time. (I totally know how to party. Totes McGotes.)

Oh, but I guess I’ll tell you about EH: The Sequel. We went to a create-your-own stir fry place that’s located sort of in between our two areas. The food was okay. The date was okay.

It was definitely better than the first one, that’s for sure. There were a few awkward silences, like we didn’t have transitions or segues into new topics sometimes. After lunch we just walked around for a while. I think our wit matches up fairly well. I’m still not sure if I’m attracted to him yet.

I’m definitely more willing to talk to him further, maybe see him again.

When you date, or when you dated, is/was the physical attraction there right away? Did it build over time?

The guys I’ve liked in the past that I didn’t immediately have an attraction for, it built over time as I spent more time around them, since we moved in the same circles. It wasn’t like EHarmony, where you’re specifically meeting with the pretense of starting a relationship. That’s one thing I don’t like about EHarmony. I don’t think I’m good at going on dates, and that’s the only opportunity you really have to see someone in EH’s case. I suppose it's entirely possible that I'm not cut out for EHarmony, but I'm still going to keep trying through my three months.

I’m probably overthinking it. I guess we’ll just see what happens from here!


*Oikos 0% with Honey, with ¾ cup Kashi Honey Sunshine mixed in
*cup of pinapple chunks (big chunks, maybe like 6 or so)


*tandoori naan with roasted red pepper hummus
*cup of mint green tea


As I mentioned, we went to a create-your-own stir fry place. It was okay, my sauce was REALLY salty, which was unfortunate. But overall not bad and definitely not calorie heavy. The best part is that their website has a “build your bowl” tool and it simultaneously calculates the calories.

Mine was: chicken, water chestnuts, spinach, baby corn, peppers, and bean sprouts, with an asian black bean sauce. Even with two servings of the sauce AND chicken (which I’m not sure I used, I’m just overestimating in case) it comes to like 350 calories. Totally fits into my day.


*10 black olives
*6 bread and butter pickle chips
*spoonful of The Bees Knees PB&Co
*1/2 cup cottage cheese
*small wedge of brie

Holy WTF, Batman. Such a random dinner. But I went on the “What would taste good right now?” meal plan, and I just took reasonable portions of each :-P This dinner does basically make up almost all of my favorite foods.


Keri said...

Hey I have to ask, what are bread & butter pickle chips. We have Dill Pickles Chips in Canada is this a different kind?? lol. I need to know!!

Ashley said...

So, I used various internet dating sites for about two years and met the man I'm going to marry, so I sorta consider myself an amateur expert on online dating. I very rarely was initially attracted to anybody (again, including my fiance') and my attraction (or repulsion) to them generally only developed over time. I think online dating is inherently more awkward than just meeting people through friends or whatever, so I always used a longer trial period to decide if we were compatible than I would for someone I'd met initially in real life. Unless the dates were really just awful, I'd usually see somebody three times before I'd decide we weren't clicking and cut things off. I'm not saying this is the exact standard everyone should use, just that I'd give it longer than you might would otherwise.

Scuttleboose said...

It took a few weeks before I felt a strong attraction for my (now) husband, mainly because I was nervous about my self and wasn't very self-confident. But thankfully, it took off! :) So maybe attraction isn't something that you have to work at, but rather wait for? Good luck - finding out is the most fun! :)

Kat said...

What immediately struck me and made me hit "leave a comment" was "I'm still not sure if I'm attracted to him yet."

To me, that'd be the dealbreaker. I get what you're saying about building an attraction, like when a relationship builds from a friendship, but if I wasn't attracted to him right off, I'd think I was trying to talk myself into something that wasn't wasn't my gut reaction in the first place.


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