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02 March 2010

Waiting for My Meal Life to Begin

Looking in the mirror this morning (at home and in the bathroom at work) I’m starting to feel more like myself. I think this seems to be the threshold of weight where I start to “emerge” from myself. Anything above, I kind of feel like an inanimate blob. But now, I’m just starting to feel like a person who is overweight. I think that’s kind of a huge thing. I know I shouldn’t even be of the mind to begin with, but it’s nice to start coming out of it.

Also, I have these Lane Bryant pants I wore today...they’re size 22 and WAY too big on me for me to be wearing out in public. I mean, I’m wearing size 18 jeans comfortably, but it’s always nice to see my change in sizes reinforced!

During SWL1 I only got down to the tippytiptopperson of wearing 16s. I was at 197 and most of my 18s were too big, and I could only baaarely fit into one pair of my 16s. I really want to get to those 16s. I know it’s a ways away, but it’s really kind of a mini-goal of mine. I can’t remember wearing 16s. To me that’s almost a “normal” size, at least relative to my own experiences in the past 6 years or so!

PS – I am preparing you now – I need some help with choosing an outfit for an interview I have coming up Thursday. I’m going to have a fashion show on the ol’ blog tomorrow night. Usually Mother100in12 gives me her honest opinion on outfits but she’s (along with Father100in12) still down in Florida! …no doubt mocking the weather we’re having here. But anyway, just be ready for that tomorrow evening!


*1 Vanilla Chobani with ¾ cup Kashi Honey Sunshine cereal mixed in


*1 multi-grain Arnold’s Thin with 1.5 tbsp The Bees Knees PB&Co


*sandwich: 3 slices turkey breast, 1-2 tbsp red pepper hummus, small handful of baby spinach, 1 garlic naan
*9 baby carrots
*half a red pepper cut in thin slices
*serving of all-bran garlic & herb crackers


*BlueBran VitaTop
*half a pink lady apple

*cup of coffee around 3pm…how long has it been since I had coffee? At least a week. (another at 3:30! Sweet sweet nectar…) total of 3 half&half things, totaling 45 calories, and ½ a splenda packet, 0 cals but aspartame…ewwwww


*salad: chicken breast, spinach, ¼ cup of each: goat cheese crumbles, craisins, pomegranate seeds.

(had over a gallon of water today, plus 2 or 3 cups of green tea, I can’t remember! I write it down at work and then…forget to bring it home with me. Meh.)


Tamzin said...

ohhhhh I love fashion shows! I can't wait.

I also can't wait for that feeling of "just being overweight" and not just some giant blob to happen.


266 said...

Glad to hear you are coming into your own. Can't wait to see the outfits!

30 will be a good year said...

Hi! I have been reading your blog for a few weeks now and I just have to leave a comment now! I am so impressed by your hard work and your amazing food choices. You truly are an inspiration!
I am so excited to see you reach your goals :)

J'me said...

You look fab in your progress pics! That goal of a size 16 isn't too far off!! :) Your meals from yesterday look great - but I do have a question! :D What do you do with the other half of your Pink Lady apple? ;)

Anonymous said...

I loooove PB&Co peanut butter! My favorite is the Mighty Maple...have you tried that one?

They have a store/restaurant in NYC and I went there last weekend and got a sandwich with cinnamon raisin pb, vanilla cream cheese, and sliced apples. Yum!

Becca said...

woohoo! fashion show! fashion show!

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura! I totally understand the "I start to “emerge” from myself" comment. I was walking in a store yesterday and thought "Gosh I feel good in these jeans!" and I also noticed that I make eye contact with people more easily now (I'm down about 40 lb. of my 100 lb. goal). I can't wait to go from "emerging from myself" into "feeling sexy" again! :) Angie (


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