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01 March 2010

Meal Simple

Today was a reasonably good day. Work was meh. Food was good. Water intake was great (over a gallon)! Exercise was good. I hopped on the treadmill for a fast walk for 30 minutes. I was definitely sweating!

Do you guys ever look at the website Cute Overload? Please look at this post, it warms my heart to an unbelievable degree.


*half a piece of tandoori naan
*1/4 cup egg subst. with a few dashes of hot sauce
*pomegranate and passion fruit siggi yogurt (the Icelandic kind! ridonkulously thick and much more tart than any yogurt i've had, but i kind of liked it! i really liked how thick it was. TWSS!)
*can of V8


*Cranbran VitaTop


*1/2 cup cottage cheese
*sandwich: 2 tbsp red pepper hummus, 4oz turkey breast, 1 multi-grain arnolds thin, 1/4 or so alfalfa sprouts? They’re kind of hard to measure. (SO GOOOOOD)
*9 baby carrots


*1 serving of all-bran garlic&herb crackers


*half a pink lady apple


*Amazing Grass Amazing Meal (Pomegranate Mango Infusion flavor) right before I left work!

This one is by far my least favorite. Not bad tasting, but I liked the other ones much better. Like the chocolate ones for example. Which I ordered.

Dinner: (Apparently I’m craving protein like a what what, even though I had about 60some grams racked up from the day already)

I was preparing to make a salad, but then I didn’t know what dressing to use, so I gave up and put it all back and ate the following instead, and it totally hit the spot. – Yes, I was too lazy to make a SALAD. Ha!

*turkey breast with roasted red pepper hummus. (Take slice of turkey. Dip in hummus container. I am a classy, classy individual)
*1/2 a cup of cottage cheese.

Water intake was 132oz plus 3 cups of green tea!


Seth said...

I bet you have to go like crazy after drinking 132 oz of water and 3 teas!! Good job on the water -- I stick around 80 oz.

KatDoesDiets said...

I had the dumbest dream about you last night. You met a guy on eHarmony and decided to do a 'live getting to know each other chat' with him on your blog. We all of course watched and were entertained, then you found out it was a guy you knew. Then I woke up...bizarre


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