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02 February 2010

Needing/Getting (song by OK GO from their new album. currently enjoying.)

A few things that are on the ol’ noggin:

*I did a little grocery shopping tonight. My cart was BALLER:
-baby spinach
-baby arugula
-granny smith apples
-baby carrots
-vitatops (cranbran)/vitamuffins (chocolate)
-frozen broccoli
-kashi honey sunshine cereal
-low fat cottage cheese

Can I get a what what? Considering my shopping choices in January, this is AMAZING and felt as such. Not being ashamed while grocery shopping is something worth striving toward.

*The other day I started reading The Gunslinger by Stephen King. It’s the first book in a seven book series called The Dark Tower series. Anybody read them? My friend Kevin is a HUGE fan of them and we got to talking and I decided to read them. Gunslinger is really good so far. I love the way it’s written.

*I basically had two breakfasts today, I just had this feeling I’d need it. I’m CLAIRVOYANT. So I had my greek yogurt with cereal mixed in, and then a vitatop (cranbran) in the car on the way to the metro. This was around 7:30am. Work/temping got so nuts I didn’t eat again until 1:30pm! 6 hours later! I was starving. I don’t think I would have made it on one of those breakfasts alone. Yeesh.

*I’m going to my friends’ apartment tonight around 10pm, in my pajamas, and we’re going to watch LOST via Tivo (no commercials, holler) and it is going to be snuggly and fun and Lost-tastic. I’m going to be dead tired tomorrow morning but it’ll be totally worth it. Also? I’m taking the ice cream and Twizzlers** that I shamefully bought in a bad grocery store trip last week – in an attempt to make it like a fun! Sleepover! ….but really to get rid of it. I’m sneaky. And generous? …mostly just sneaky.

*Progresso soup reviews: I had the Italian Meatball the other day. Super delish. To be honest, the smell of it was AMAZING and the taste didn’t totally live up, but it was still really good. I also had the Hearty Vegetable or something like that, and it was also quite good. Basically like Minestrone but with pasta. Don’t forget – they are doing a Progresso Souper You contest that seems pretty sweet – go enter! (I still have a Giveaway to do for them/this whole deal, I’m sure you’ve seen other bloggers already do theirs, because they’re on top of their lives, whilst I am not! But I will do it soon. Can anyone email me with any tips for picking someone fairly? Isn’t there some random number generator or something? HOLD MY HAND I NEED HELP)

(**Okay, I might only take some of the Twizzlers. I feel very little shame in eating them as compared to other sweet treats.)

(Do I need to say again that Progresso provided me with the soup, the giveaway packet, and the information about the Souper You contest? I don't know how things work. Well I guess I just said it. I can sleep tonight.)


Anonymous said...

i LOVE that. when your cart screams HEALTHYYYY EATER HERE!!!! i even took a picture of all my spoils on saturday because i was so proud of all my freshies.

great job on the double breakfast. you were brilliant with that one!

what did you think of lost? i only half paid attention, but i totally "called it" that instead of flash backs/forwards that they were going to do "what if the plane never crashed". except i def thought it would be more along the main storyline. but i think thats my favorite part!

Rebecca said...

I personally havent read that series but my bf did and lurrrrrved them! and he's not a reader!

glad things are on the up and up for you!

Kat said...

Don't you love when you get mega-healthy stuff at the store and feel like you deserve looking down your nose at other people who have junk food in your cart? It might put my soul in jeopardy, but it makes me feel better at the time.

I miss the days when I watched Lost with other people...instead of alone...though company or no, I still yell at the TV when it's on.

About picking a giveaway winner - all the bloggers I've seen use Or ask some poor sap to pick a number out of a hat, but that's too much work.

[My comment word verification: depreflu - instead of Theraflu, Depreflu is the anti-medicine...instead of bug-killing ingredients, someone just comes to your house, locks you in a box, and deprives you of EVERYTHING. The flu takes over and you're just a giant walking virus. Problem solved - you no longer have the flu, THE FLU HAS YOU. Screw job-searching, I'm marketing this bitch.]

Kat said...

And by "in your cart" I mean "in their cart" unless they sneakily tossed something in yours to bring you down a notch, cuz hey - you were kinda bitchy looking down your nose at them in the first place.

266 said...

Sneaky can be a good thing... I was especially 'generous' right after Christmas!

Foodie Girl said...

I have yet to watch Lost. I plan on doing that tonight. Killer cart indeed! I love fresh produce.

Hope you had a fun night!

Minnesota Mami said...

Totally can resonate with loving pushing a healthified grocery cart at the store instead of worrying how much all the other store patrons are judging me for a cart filled with ice cream, Spaghetti O's, and pastries... :)

PS - I saw the VitaTops and VitaMuffins at the store the other day, thought about trying them but skipped it. Sounds like they are a winner? Maybe I'll try next week...

PS - I'm totally a LOST junkie too!


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