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06 February 2010

Snowtorious BIG

Work? Okay.

Eating? Okay.

Exercise? Not great. (just the gym on Monday, and some heavy duty shoveling today)

I basically want to leave you with these:

What used to be my car

The back deck...this was only about noon - it kept snowing until about 5pm. YEAH.

I did that all by myself (and that was just one section). I am officially badass.


kaitlin said...

HOLY COW!!!! I have never seen that much snow, how in the world did you shovel it up so high!?!?! I am impressed, but not at all jealous. I had no idea that was how much people were getting.

266 said...

Yikes! Good job on the shovelling! Now go for a walk around your house without using the cleared walkways - that'll get your heartrate up! Lol!

FYI, the word verification today is 'ungickl'. What's a 'gickl' and why would I want to reverse it?

Kristina said...

So technically you did just GREAT on the exercising! Wow, that is alot of snow!

KatDoesDiets said...

Wow, you are officially badass! Wish some of that snow would come this way.

Foodie Girl said...

That's a lot of freakin snow!

Minnesota Mami said...

WOW! And I'm from MinneSNOWta! That's a lot of snow...and it definitely counts as a mega-workout...shoveling stuff like that is hard work! Way to go!

Jenny S said...

I have never seen anything like that in my entire life!!! WOW!

Deb said...

Badass is an understatement.


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