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27 March 2010

Aw, I don't have a good post title. For shame, self.

Hello my loves!

Hope you’re doing well this fine Saturday morning (or afternoon, or evening, or whenever you are depending on your location)

I am beyond happy it’s Saturday. Had a stressful week at work, I definitely need a few days off to recharge. Plus I’ve been sick since Monday, but choosing to ignore it as much as possible. But I can’t ignore a sore-throat and maybe a bit of a fever away, unfortunately. Meh. Oh well, it didn’t stop me from anything this week!

So I said I went to the gym Wednesday morning, right? Well guess who had two thumbs and did it again Thursday morning!?!!?

Yep. (Please don't judge the room...I know, it's such a mess. And yes, there's a teddy bear back there. It's from Harrod's! That's a legit reason for keeping it, right??)

I even got up and got there Friday morning, but I forgot that my gym doesn’t open until 8 on Fridays. GRR! Oh also, I think I might have found a gym I might want to switch to – Fitness First. They have locations in DC, Arlington, Alexandria, my town, and a few others, so I feel like I can still go there no matter where I end up living or working, and they’re also open at 5am everyday, AND open on Sundays, which my gym is not. And I think they’re around the same cost as mine.

Now I’m just dragging my heels on actually going in to my current gym to quit it, b/c I feel like I hear so many stories about extra fees and all this crap gyms tack on to scare you out of leaving…ugh. I’ll probably wait on this a few weeks until I can work up the courage :-P

*In other news, I got some bananas yeserday, and LOOK:

Are any of you familiar with the Wii game SuperMonkeyBall? My friends and I are kind of obsessed with it, we always play when we’re all together (usually at the holidays). I saw/bought these yesterday at Trader Joe’s…and I literally called like four of my friends to tell them about it.

…I called my friends on a Friday night to tell them about bananas I had purchased. YEP.

Speaking of food, my eating has been really really good! Lots of good food happening over here: greek yogurt, fruit, vitatops, turkey breast sandwiches with hummus, spinach and alfalfa sprouts, Luna Bars (I would seriously do terrible things to mankind to keep my supply of Lemon Zest Luna Bars up), cottage cheese, almond milk, veggies, and of course Trader Joe's Chicken Tikka Masala and Paneer Tikka Masala. I don't know if you'd consider those last two healthy, but they are just seriously so. fucking. good. That's right, so good I have to curse. That good.

*You should go over to Low Fat Kat and read this most recent post of hers, it’s about men and chocolate! We were talking about it yesterday (in that it was *her* idea and she was telling me about it - I'm not that smart) and it’s a really good post. So go see it. We may or may not have gchatted for like 4 hours yesterday. Why can’t she be a dude and I can date her?! We haven’t met in real life, but when we do, it’ll look something like this:


Keri said...

omg you're toooooo funny girl. Lol'ing here!! Going to check her blog now..

Kat said...

Why do I always use numbered lists in my comments to you? [Sigh...]
1) I love how you're sick but are powering through. Me? I'm all "my throat hurts, my temperature is elevated, EFF THE WORLD, I MUST LIE DOWN FOREVER.
2) I need to channel your awesomeness for the week ahead. Must. Get. Butt. To. Gym. And not just for a couple of classes. I'm talking solo sweat-a-thons.
3) Thank you for the plug. I told my Mom about our alter egos and she had a good chuckle. I think she thinks I/we need to get out more.
4) If I wake up one morning and have suddenly grown dangly bits down there, you're the first chick I'll call. And I hope you'd do the same for me.

Kat said...

PS - I sleep with two teddy bears - one on each side so I'll have one when I roll over. I always take one with me when I go on overnight trips, and I rotate them so neither gets jealous. So, your Harrods bear is snubbing his little fabric nose at my Build-a-Bears.

megan said...

I love how Bert and Ernie stuck! Haha. That just means you need to gchat me now!! ;-)

Foodie Girl said...

Love Bert and Ernie!

Anonymous said...

Awww Bert and Ernie!!

Fun fact... my first word was Ernie. I still have my Ernie doll and occasionally sleep with it. If that's wrong, then I don't want to be right. :)


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