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23 March 2010


I ended up going home early yesterday - I was running a little bit of a fever and felt really sick. Bleh. So I seriously went to bed at 6pm and was too tired to blog :-P Apologies! Because I know you were sitting there refreshing every 4 seconds waiting for my Awards post. Don't deny it.

First up!

Okay, basically the only one that requires me to write anything is the "Creative Writer" Award, and it will have me come up with at least six outrageous lies and a few truths, and you have to figure out which! I'll never tell.

1. I've gotten hit by a car.
2. Somewhere in Japan, in someone's tourist/trip scrapbooks, there are pictures of me.
3. I've eaten alligator meat.
4. I accidentally burned part of a house down.
5. I've been in a physical fight more than once.
6. I had a three week fling with a Scottish dude.
7. I used to work for the circus.
8. I eat tomatoes like apples.
9. I'm in love with someone.
10. I was on TV during last year's Inauguration.

The other two I don't have to do anything but nominate people (and for one of them, say why they're so great!), so I'm gonna combine all three and nominate the following people for them - you can choose to accept all or some of the awards if you want!

1. Kat at Low Fat Kat. Because she's an amazing writer, hilarious, we're basically the same person, and our iPods are best friends.

2. Jessica at  Living in the Gym, Kitchen and Mall She has been through a lot health-wise, and is so self-aware and really takes care of herself. And her food is SO healthy and delicious, and I love her pictures. She was my secret bloggie valentine and got me hooked on Luna Bars and Amazing Grass SuperFood powders :-)

3. Kaitlin at Everyday Grace I love how honest she is. And I really like the name of her blog! She's lost almost 50 pounds and she really is doing it with grace, I think.

4. Megan at Megan Loses We're very similar - 20somethings in DC working on weight loss. I just found her recently but she has a lot of great, relatable posts. We've got to meet in real life! :-)

5. Kat at Kat's Adventures in Dietland Her tweets are hilarious and her posts are so honest and she has lost 50 pounds! So inspiring and funny and great.

I should really do more than 5 because if you look at my blogroll..come on now. I read like 8 million. But I have to get ready for work! I should probably, you know, put in a full day there. It's a crazy idea, I know.

***Before I go, I would like to point out that after blogging yesterday morning, I did the 30 Day Shred video. Level 1, of course. And also of course, I am sore today. Good times***


Weighting Around said...

Wow, I wonder which one is the lie? Did you really work for the circus? That's my guess.

Congratulations of the well deserved award!

266 said...

Great job on the shred. I wouldn't be overly surprised by any of the creative 'facts', but if I had to guess I would go for #'s 1, 2, and 8.

KatDoesDiets said...

Yay for Shred Level 1...and thanks!!! U rock. I gotta say, I can't pick which are lies, it would not shock me if any of these were true! LOL. Can't wait to see. I'll accept the Creative Writer one since I haven't got it before: I'd like to thank.......

Anonymous said...

awww. thanks for the award!! i'm glad you like luna bars. i love them too! PS. they are on sale at target right now, $5 for a pack of 6!

i'm going to guess that one of the lie is...that you've accidentally burned part of a house down. that just seems too outrageous!!

FitFunk said...

Feel better. I just finished reading thru your older posts - awesome and inspirational!

Megan said...

Thanks so much!! It totally makes my day. =)

Kat said...

3 truths and 1 lie

1) I lurve you
2) My iPod needs a name
3) I'm pregnant with Ewan McGregor's baby
4) I'm honored and touched and verklempt about the award(s, should I choose to accept) you have bestowed upon me

God I wish all 4 were true.

Anonymous said...

Heeeey I didn't know you were in DC! So am I! Well, in the general surrounding area. I love love love your blog. I mostly lurk but I'll try to reply more now that I know we're neighbors :-)


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