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22 October 2009

Champagne for My Meal Friends, Meal Pain for My Sham Friends

(title of a Fall Out Boy song, f to the y to the i)


(all mixed together)
*3/4 a cup steel cut oatmeal
*2/3 a cup raspberries
*sprinkling of wheat germ (maybe 1 tbsp?)
*2 packets splenda
*2-3 tbsp slivered almonds


*2 tbsp light ranch mixed with 10 drops of hot sauce
*1/3 a cup chunk chicken
*1/3 of a cucumber diced
*handful of shredded carrots

(the same combo as the wrap from yesterday, just, minus the wrap!)


*sliced gala apple
*Nature Valley Honey n Oats packet (2 bars)


*quesadilla: 2 stringed string cheeses, sprinkling of chicken, a few dollops of hot sauce, two of the wheat/low carb wraps, sprayed the outside with a little I Can’t Believe Spray and put it in a skillet with Pam.
*1/2 a cup of salsa for dippage. (Jack’s Special Gourmet, we got it at Costco. SO GOOD)

I liked my meals today. There were some veggies and fruits, I took the time to make them, I didn't go too long without eating, broke the routine in terms of flavors, I think.

Once again, no exercise. I sort of feel guilty, but as long as I'm doing something right, then I don't feel too bad. And next week I don't have to work at all so I have fewer things to balance - I can pick it back up next week. Maybe this is my regrouping week. Going like gangbusters for 6 or 7 weeks is great, and taking a week (or maybe two, since I only worked out twice last week) to reexamine is fine by me.

Question: How do you spot the difference between a BS excuse and legitimate reasons for action/inaction?  Where do you draw the line between cutting yourself a deserved break and forcing yourself to keep going? I feel like I have that "coddle v. unrealistic expectations" battle in my head a lot, and it's hard for me to figure out what side I fall on sometimes.

PS: A little Memory Lane for you. This was last year, in July sometime. I was in London for an internship program, through grad school. I was somewhere between maybe 217 and 206? Something like that...I can't remember exactly.



Also I remember liking the way I looked in this picture. I think I was kind of stretching out so I look slender, and it might be a good angle, but I just love this picture for my body - and for obvious HP Nerd reasons.

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