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18 October 2009

When people stop being polite and start getting meal...The Meal World.

Well, I can still feel my headache, but it’s much more subdued than it was yesterday. And it makes me wonder what caused it! I definitely ate well yesterday – three solid meals, most of them healthy, and snacking in between. But it still felt like my brain was going to explode from my skull. Maybe I did too much thinking ;-)

*whole wheat wrap with 1/3 a cup egg subst. and 1 LCL wedge (This was BANGIN' I'm gonna have it again this morning!)
*2/3 a cup of cottage cheese


*whole wheat wrap: spinach, honey mustard, chicken salad (the same wrap as yesterday), 1 LCL wedge


*two slices of CiCi’s pizza – 1 pepperoni and 1 spinach/parmesan cheese of some kind
*1/4 a cup of pretzel chips

Those were the three solid meals, but in between lunch and dinner I had a lot of stuff! The birthday party was so much fun. I started out playing it safe, I got some veggies (carrots, red and green pepper, cucumber) and dip, a few pretzel chips. And then I just gave myself a pass. I wouldn’t be a total glutton but I wouldn’t hold back, either. So I had:

a few triscuits, wheat thins, crackers, and a slice of pepperjack cheese.
Another piece of cheese later
several bites of spinach artichoke dip with pretzel chips.
one tortilla chip with salsa (only one because I got salsa on my white tank top and had to borrow one from my friend so I didn't want to get hers messy too :-P)
one tortilla chip with this chili/cheese /sour cream dip.
1 diet coke - this had caffeine which I thought would help abate the head-pounding, but no...
1 diet wedge (wegman’s brand soda, calorie/caffeine free)
two cupcakes.

The party was fun. I even teared up a little bit when the boys were eating their very first cupcakes. As I mentioned before, I have known their mom, Diane, since we were maybe 10 or 11 years old? And now she has kids, and I met those little buggers when they were two days old. And have seen them almost consistently once a week for the past six months. And they’re just going to get bigger and older and smarter. And I can’t wait to see it happen. I know those of you that have kids are like, “Yeah, welcome to the club” but this is my first real experience with knowing children from (almost literally) day one. And they are so great.

Also, another friend of mine, Roo, had a baby yesterday – she and I have also been friends since 4th grade. And she is best friends with Diane (mom from yesterday). And now their babies have the same birthday. It’s like we plan these things. See how tight knit my group of friends is? I think Diane and I might plan a trip to go visit Roo and the new baby in the next couple of weeks, if we can.


So yesterday was great. I don’t really feel guilty about the food. I do, however, feel a little guilty that I haven’t exercised as much this week. I’ve only been to the gym twice so far this week. I usually aim to do something four times a week! We’ll see how I feel today with the headache. But I’m not gonna force myself to do anything, and accept the consequences of the scale if I have to.

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nic said...

Ooooh baby birthdays are fun, they're so much more for the parents than the kids.

I'm glad you had a good time and feel like you ate well in moderation! that's a great feeling!


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