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18 October 2009

I got a Little Red Foo(d)ster


*whole wheat wrap with 1/3 a cup egg subst. and 1 LCL wedge, ketchup, a little bit of garlic salt (this is clearly my new obsession…I should just go ahead and tell you this will be my standard breakfast for the next two weeks)
*2/3 a cup cottage cheese
*can of V8

*grilled cheese: 1 arnold’s sandwich thin (multi grain), 1 string cheese sliced/cut up, 1 LCL wedge, heated/melted in a skillet with Pam. It was DELICIOUS.
*1-2 cups of Progresso French onion soup (I end up pouring out half the broth b/c I like a smaller broth/solid ingredient ratio, and maybe I can filter out some of the sodium that way too)


* a cup of the chicken salad from earlier (chicken, honey mustard, diced gala apple, craisins, and a little bit of plain yogurt)

Pretty bland day. But that’s good. My headache/migraine has basically subsided. Do migraines or headaches usually last like 40 hours? It started around 10pm Friday night, was at its worst 10pm Saturday night, and is now almost gone, close to 8pm on Sunday. Oh well, let’s hope I don’t have to encounter it ever again!

Today I felt hungry most of the day. Maybe I should have had a snack or two in between meals, because I felt like I was restricting myself from food. Even after lunch I didn’t really feel full. Did my stomach capacity stretch from yesterday’s eating? Who knows.

No exercise. I can’t believe I only did something twice this week. I did do more walking/moving around than normal in a general sense, but I don’t really count that. Except for when I took the stairs up three flights to my friend’s apartment instead of taking the elevator. I’m totally counting that! But I’ll definitely have to make an effort this week to get moving again, for real.

Oh, other food tidbits:

*I tried to make cauliflower mashed potatoes tonight for dinner. I don’t know if the cauliflower wasn’t good anymore, but…they tasted like butt. I used cauliflower, a little splash of skim milk, two LCL wedges, a little salt and pepper, and when I heated it I sprayed it with a little bit of the I Can’t Believe stuff on it. BUTT, I TELL YOU. I think it might be the cauliflower. I’m gonna have to get some more and try again. Because a healthy vegetable in mashed potato form?? Sign me up.

*Speaking of potatoes, I’ve been wanting sweet potatoes recently. Those things are delectable. And I finished up the butternut squash – so I need a sweet orange-y healthy food to cook! Or bake. Probably bake. Or roast.

Wow I am obsessed with fall flavors. And colors. And weather. And clothing. Except for all the rain we’ve been having, that gets an F. Which in this case, does not stand for Fall.


One of the blogs I read voraciously, the last twenty, gave me a lil award!

Here are the rules

1. Thank the person who nominated me. [Thank you Nic!! For the award and all your comments – they make my day!]
2. Copy the award and place it on my blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated me.
4. Name 6 things people might find interesting.
5. Nominate 7 bloggers.
6. Post links to the bloggers I nominate.

Before I get to the other rules, I also want to point out that nic’s other blog is GREAT. Nic, I llurrrrrve your sense of style and your outfits. Is it weird to say that I want dress exactly like you? Haha. I’m such a creep.

On to #3 in the rules, here are 6 things – “interesting” might not be applicable.

1. If I am writing, or for some reason need to be creative, I listen to Sam Cooke. He brings out my creativity. Maybe it’s my own perception of myself that changes, or the sweet simplicity of his music, I don’t know. But I love it and it helps things flow. I also have fake hipster glasses that I sometimes wear. Sam Cooke and hipster glasses got me through a lot of my grad school projects. I’ve actually never told anyone that. And in the interest of full disclosure, I’m doing both right now. If you never talk to me again after reading that, I’ll understand.

2. Speaking of glasses, I’m pretty sure I need real ones. I’m definitely nearsighted. The last time I got my license renewed I had to take an eye test and this is what it sounded like as I did it “E…N….S?……..R?? that a W? Oh wait, no, that’s an M…M….” Seriously. I think I just got a representative that didn’t care. As soon as I get health insurance, I’m forcing myself to go to an eye doctor. Even though I would rather just stay in denial.

3. I was a Girl Scout for 9 years. Next to band, it was the best thing I ever did. I would love to get a job with GSCNC (Girl Scouts Council of the Nation’s Capital)

4. I get nervous when Christmas rolls around. I kind of don’t trust the holiday anymore. Last year was a good one, but two years ago (2007) my maternal grandmother died and we spent Christmas and almost New Years in the hospital, and it was our first Christmas without my fraternal grandmother (who passed in August of 07). Christmas of 06 my uncle died. Christmas 05 my fraternal grandmother had some words and opinions for me at dinner and made me cry on Christmas Eve. AWESOME CHRISTMAS MEMORIES.

5. In 6th grade, I subscribed to the American Girl doll magazine. Also in 6th grade, we had an Invention Fair as a class project. I came up with a winter undergarment that basically had gloves attached – you know, no snow up the sleeves onto your skin! A few months after the fair, I am looking in my AG magazine, and there is a little featurette about a girl my age who invented THE SAME THING and WAS MAKING MONEY OFF OF IT. I was so mad. I still am.

6. The first time I ever heard Ray Lamontagne sing, I got goosebumps. It was at a Guster concert and he was the warm up act. He started singing and my jaw dropped and I thought….”OH…I’m gonna need to be pay attention now.” I have been in love ever since. I want my first dance at my wedding (with that boyfriend I don’t have yet) to be to You Are The Best Thing. I know you’re supposed to pick out a song that you and your partner share, but I don’t care. I’ll work it into the relationship so it fits. This song choice is a closely guarded secret, I haven’t told this to my friends - much like how Monica on Friends didn’t want to tell Rachel her favorite baby names out of fear that she would use them first. And then Rachel went and took the name Emma – so you tell ME if I’m crazy! (Oh, I am)

Now for the lucky 7!

Miss 266
Someday Skinny Minnie
Scarlet Simple
Deb at Shedding My FatSuit
Karen at Not Just Celery
Christa at Our New Weigh of Life  
Tiffany at From 12 to 6  


Tiffany said...

Thanks for nominating me. Fun stuff. I'll post my 6 things tomorrow. I'm too lazy tonight. :)

Someday SkinnyMinnie said...

Oh my gosh, you nominated me! I am beyond excited-I'm literally doing a little dance right now! I truly live a very exciting life...I will get to this in the morning. =)

Let's talk cauliflower-I tried to make "mashed potatoes" out of that lumpy white stuff and let me tell you-it just tasted like mashed up lumpy white stuff. I was not impressed. And the odor in my kitchen was horrendous.

With your thing #5, yeah I have pretty much the same story except I wanted to be an author when I was a kid and I wrote a short story and submitted it to American Girl Magazine hoping to be published. Wouldn't you know it, damn near the same story showed up 2 months later by another snotnosed kid. Yeah, I was pissed.

Oh, and I can listen to "Be Here Now" 24/7.

266 said...

OMG, I am totally using that song when I get married! Just kidding, obviously, since my husband may have a problem with a few parts of that statement. It is a very nice tune though. Thanks so much for presenting me with the award! I had kind of a crappy day and it is just the pick-me-up that I needed.

nic said...

You can't marry Ray, we are already married (secretly, and in my mind).

Shhh said...

When you make the faux smashed taters, add in a scoop of fat free cream cheese, fat free sour cream, and some crumbled Canadian bacon. Then throw it back in the oven to bake. Sooooo good.


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