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24 October 2009

What I meally meally meally want is zigazigahhh


*2/3 a cup of chocolate peanut butter oatmeal
*half a glass of milk


*can of V8 (ps I also had one yesterday but I forgot to write it down!)
* a cup of veggie crunchers


*wrap: large whole wheat wrap, hummus, tuna, lettuce, 6 bread and butter pickles, a few red pepper chunks
*veggies with hummus (broccoli, carrots, red pepper)


*grilled cheese: arnold’s thin, 1 LCL wedge, 1 stringed string cheese
*tastybite madras lentils soup
*1.5 cups veggie crunchers :-)

A lazy day - it was pouring all day and I read and watched TV and even took a nap :-P
bee tee dubs, here's a good review/description of veggie crunchers:

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Someday SkinnyMinnie said...

Everyday I look forward to reading your blog to see what song you've used for your title. I thought you should know that. =)


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