healthy and happy. one of these days.

09 October 2009



*two cups of black coffee
*piece of whole grain toast with 1 tbsp peanut butter
*one almond (ha!)


*baby carrots with sabra hummus (individual size)
*6 almonds


*string cheese
*10 strawberries
*1 Nature Valley Honey N Oats packet (two bars)


*2x3 piece of lasagna
*side salad with green and red bell pepper chunks, cucumber, tzatziki sauce as dressing

No gym today. I am worn out from the week…like that is really a good excuse.

In fact I am so tired that I’m gonna cut it short here, wish you all a lovely evening and holiday weekend! And of course I’ll be back tomorrow with thrilling and exciting meals – which is to say, the same things I eat over and over again.


(after a much needed sleeping in session, I will make the rounds and read and comment on your lovely blogs soon - I miss you!)


Scarlet Simple said...

We all need a break! And I like that someone else posts what they eat!

Hadley said...

You're doing well! Definitely get that sleep in, and enjoy your weekend!


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