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07 October 2009

Signed, Mealed, Delivered, I'm Yours


*Maybe 10-15 blueberries (I had about ¼ of a cup, but the damn things were just too SOUR. Couldn’t do any more!!)
*Can of V8
*Cup and a half of black coffee
*piece of whole grain toast with I Can’t Believe Spray


*wrap: 5-6 oz. rotisserie chicken, handful of baby spinach, 1 tbsp mustard, Flat Out light Italian Herb wrap
*half a gala apple, sliced

Snack: (on the way to the gym)

*one hard boiled egg (whites and yolk)
*1 Nature Valley Honey N Oats bar (just one bar, half a packet)
*the other half of the sliced gala apple


*4 oz grilled salmon
*steamed green beans
*sautéed zucchini
*side salad with cucumber, spinach, romaine lettuce, 2 tbsp tzatziki sauce as dressing


Have I mentioned that I’m in love with all of you? For serious, thank you SO MUCH for the advice yesterday. I just don’t always connect mood = types of food (protein, carbs, what have you) and I’m so happy I have some commenters that are so helpful and knowledgeable.

I was happy, energized, and social when I got home. Imagine that!

I went to the gym, but only for 35 minutes today. 15 treadmill (3:30 was jogging, 2 mins at 5.0, 1:30 at 5.3!) and then 20 weight lifting. 4 machines, one of which had three moves and another that had two different moves. Legs, arms, and stomach. A shorter stint but I still kept moving so that’s good!


Um, okay I just need to get this off my freakishly large chest. I’m doing a two-week temp stint, right? …and like any ridiculous story starts when told by a young female adult: So there’s this boy. We’ll call him Kevin. (NOTE: In case any real friends ever read this, this is not the Kevin I know – I know a real Kevin and this is not him.) Okay, so FakeKevin works with me and in the past three days of knowing each other we have developed some tendencies to tease each other and quote the same movies and all that good stuff. Also, he is SO FUCKING CUTE. I get giddy when he makes a point to talk to me (I might even blush...eeps) because, let’s be honest, he’s hot, funny, and he gives me attention and I lap it up because it hasn’t come my way in a while.

First of all, when we met the first day, I said to myself “Okay, you think FakeKevin is totally cute. And he genuinely laughed at one of your jokes so now you’re having visions of marrying the guy. That means that you will naturally shy away from him and be quiet and weird and not let your natural goofiness show. So just say, fuck it! [No, seriously, I really do talk to myself this much and in paragraph form] Be yourself, because that’s what matters at the end of the day, not this twerp, no matter how aqua blue his eyes are AGHHHHHHHHHHHMELLLTTINNGGGGGGGGG”

Something like that.

But over the past couple of days, especially today, we’ve had a good rapport.


There’s always the “except”.

He’s the type, you know who I'm talking about, to know that he’s cute and uses it to get what he wants. I can totally see him being the guy that flirted with the geeky girl in high school to get her to let him cheat off of her, you know? Now, I don’t want to be rude because I’ve only known Kevin for three days, but I just get the vibe. He seems to be the guy that capitalizes on the “treat girls like shit and they’ll love you forever” mentality.

I’m having trouble enjoying our moments. It almost makes me mad – like today. A bunch of temps were having a discussion about hair and eye color (this beats staring at Excel tables all day, which is what we’re all doing) and FakeKevin turns to me and says “Okay, what color is my hair?” and I answered. Then he asked “And my eyes? Sometimes they change color”.

OKAY, SLICK. First of all, his hair is coiffed and gelled to messy perfection, so you know damn well he knows the characteristics of every strand of hair on his head. And his eyes are the bluest bright blue I’ve ever seen, PLUS he was wearing a baby blue sweater to match them.


1. This is an obvious move to get a girl to pay attention to the characteristics he obviously perfects or flaunts or whatever.
2. It worked.
3. I know he would do it to any girl, and not specifically me (I think this is what really gets me)

Anyway, I guess I don’t really have a point to all of this, I just need to put it in writing so that I see it and don’t get too wrapped up in it all.

But also, isn’t it interesting that I automatically assume he’s doing something cruel or mean by talking to me or *dare I say it* flirting with me a little bit? I mean, I am 99% sure I have his number, but it is such a habit for me to assume there’s an ulterior motive when a cute guy talks to me. Can’t wait til that’s over!


266, thank you for the award!! I will get on that in a post soon :-D

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Scarlet Simple said...

Sometimes I feel like that too, or I did before I got married. I used to feel like people had ulterior motive all of the time. I WAS the chick that everyone cheated on in HS. ;)

I think its less a weight thing and more a female thing...

Congrats on the gym!


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