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06 October 2009

Stuff, okay? Stuff. I'm tired.


*Cup of cottage cheese
*Cup of black coffee


*Half a PB sandwich: 2 tbsp peanut butter, 1 piece whole grain bread in half
*5 strawberries


*10(ish? Maybe?) carrots on the drive from work ---> gym

Haven’t had dinner yet. Because I am too tired to even think about fixing something.

*get out your complaining-funnels, ‘cause here it comes, I’m pouring it out!!*

Having to get up at 5:45 in the morning and go go go all day and then go straight from (temp) work and then gym it up, and THEN come home and have dinner, and then write my blog and read other ones (because I love to do it!) and have time to SHOWER and decompress and have my own me/quiet time, but also spend time with The Family and not be anti-social AGHHTOOMUCHTOOMUCH-ICRYUNCLE,ALLRIGHT?!

I was thisclose to not going to the gym today. I was so mentally exhausted after work (did you know temp work can be stressful? I’m not gonna go into it but just trust me on this one) and I didn’t feel like having to psych myself up and push myself and have that mental battle that it often takes to get myself moving. I had to drive past my neighborhood to get to my gym, and if I had been in the correct lane to make the turn to my house, I probably wouldn’t have gone to the gym. Being in the wrong lane (but the correct one for the turn for my gym) was the thing that saved it!

And then, even AT the gym, I wanted no part of what I was doing. I set up a 40 minute elliptical course, a Cross Country one. 15 minutes in I almost got off. But I just slowed way down instead. Eventually I built my speed back up a bit, but it took everything I had to stay on that godforsaken machine. Agh!

But I did it. And now I’m home and honest to blog, I don’t think I have ever uttered or typed these words before, but I am too fucking tired to eat. I don’t want to because it involves energy I don’t care to muster up at this point. I know I should because I ate very little today (a result of poor planning) and I need to have a healthy something.

It’s here that you say “Um, 100in12, it’s called LIFE and it’s exactly what is going to happen when you get a full time job and you have to balance life and work and your goals and SUCK. IT. UP, GIRLFRIEND” - first of all, who knew you talked exactly like me? But also, I know.

I suppose I should look at it as character building, it’s like life-stamina conditioning. I need to get used to going-going-going and doing tons of things during the day ‘cause once I get my life on track, it’s gonna be like that. Meh.

So, okay, as my day wraps up, let’s grade:

*Food: D+ (Ate healthy, but did not eat nearrrly enough and that’s just as much of a problem as eating too much or eating poorly, because it is eating poorly it’s just a different kind of poor)

*Moves – A (totally giving myself props on this one. Making it to the gym was a triumph in itself, not to mention staying on that damn elliptical when I wanted to quit – and for 40 minutes!)

Now that I’ve internet-complained, I’m gonna go make something for dinner :-P

**Oh, and Christa, thank you for the award!! I will get to that soon. After I've either eaten or slept or done something to stave off further crankiness**

Edited to add:


*One hard boiled egg, just the whites
*ONE Nature Valley Honey and Oats bar (so just half the packet, one bar)
*steamed broccoli with I Can't Believe butter spray, maybe 10 sprays? 7 sprays? Somethin'.

::sheepish look:: I think my crankiness is subsiding. Apologies. But man, sometimes, you just want to vent a little, ya know!? Ha, who said irrational anger isn't a part of weight loss?!


Greta said...
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Greta said...

My vote: more protein. It'll do you wonders. 1 gram per pound of lean body weight. I'd say at least 100 grams a day...which is about 12 oz of chicken breast.....

It will give you energy, help you lose weight, build metabolismm take away the crankies...blah blah. But, really. It does.

You need more healthy fat, too. It will boost metabolism and make you feel better. An ounce of almonds. The egg yolk. Etc. Not a ton...but a little bit more, I think.

Hang in there, are doing great! Way to get to the gym today!

Scarlet Simple said...

You are doing great! You went today even though you didn't want to, and I think that that kind of perseverance pays off!

266 said...

I know you already know this, but I am going to say it anyhow... you need to eat more in a day! I think it is very likely that the reason you felt so low on energy and almost skipped the gym is because you were running on empty. I used to do this all the time and ended up with my 266 lb frame because I would pig out on bad food after not eating much all day, so I understand how easy it is to do, but you are doing really well so far and I'd hate to see you have problems because of not getting enough calories. I am, however, totally impressed that you stuck it out at the gym after wanting so badly to quit. Great job on that!!!

Tina said...

There are never enough hours in the day for it all. Great job on going to the gym after such a stressful day. Definitely eat. I'm guilty of that when I get busy!!

266 said...

I have an award for you on my blog!

From Fat to Fit said...

Too tired to eat...I totally feel you on that one! It's just easier to go to bed hungry. :)


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