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15 November 2009

Can't Fight This Mealin'

Well, why don’t we just get right to it?


*hard boiled egg white
*half a banana
*half an egg and zucchini frittata with ½ a LCL wedge and a little ketchup

Lunch: Didn’t really feel like making a whole lunch thing today so I had two bigger snacks instead. Plus I was watching football (holy crap, the Redskins won. I can’t believe it!) so snacking seemed appropriate!


*half a banana
*string cheese cut up into little chunks
*13 pieces of turkey pepperoni

…ate the cheese together with the pepperoni. Grown up lunchables?


*1/4 cucumber sliced
*big handful baby carrots
*sabra hummus (individual size)
*cup veggie crunchers

Dinner: For dinner, I had alliteration:

*two turkey tacos!

I used ground turkey, taco seasoning (cumin, paprika, chili powder, onion powder, garlic powder, cayenne pepper) and used two whole wheat tortillas with lettuce, ¼ cup Mexican blend cheese, 2-3 tbsp reduced fat sour cream, and 2 tbsp salsa.

NOM NOM NOM. I inhaled them.

*And in the interest of full disclosure, I made that no-bake cheesycake schtuff I mentioned in my grocery post the other day (the link is there) - it has to refrigerate overnight before you can dive in headfirst, but I totally licked the spatula. And there was a lot on there. Hee :-D

Oh, right, and water.  Um, I drank 144oz today! Guess I was thirsty, huh? It helps, I think, that the containers I drank out of were either 16 or 20 ounces. I end up drinking more that way. Plus I have to refill fewer times because I'm (*singsong*) laaaaazzyyyyyyy!


Foodie Girl said...

Looks like we both decided on turkey. You tacos, me enchiladas. crazy....

Someday SkinnyMinnie said...

I always try to drink three water bottles (99 ounces) on Sundays and it's already 9:45pm and I'm only half way there. I envy you and your water intake skills.

Scarlet Simple said...

Your tacos look amazing to me right now! You are doing amazingly! I should be commenting more, but sometimes I get so caught up. I just wanted you to know I am cheering you on!


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