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17 November 2009

Meal or No Meal

I forgot to say yesterday – water intake was 68oz. Today’s will be 100oz after I finish this last refill!

Got my butt back in the gym :-D And WHEW did I work it out. First of all – I started off with a minute walking, then did 6 minutes and 15 seconds of jogging at 5.5mph! I couldn’t believe I did that much! I just…kept going.

The best part of the whole thing was that the treadmill I was using gave me a view of my legs as I was jogging. Most of the rest of me was obscured but I could stare at my legs – and that’s just what I did. I kind of zoned out and focused on them all at the same time. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna try and snag that particular treadmill from now on. I like the view :-)

After those 6 minutes and 15 seconds, I did a minute and a half of walking, then I did two minutes at 6mph!! I have no idea what possessed me to do it; maybe just to see how I felt. I think after that I did another minute or two of walking?

Oh, and the incline for all of that was either .5 or 0, I think, which helped me go for longer, I think. STILL! SIX MINUTES (and fifteen seconds)! I’m happy, not gonna lie to you.

Then I hit the weights. I took it sort of easy on the weights – I think I ate lunch a little too close to going to the gym, and then to jog faster than I ever have – I felt a little queasy. So I didn’t push too hard on them, but I didn’t decrease the weight amounts either.

I did half the machines, jogged on the treadmill for 2 minutes at 5.5mph, then did the rest of the machines.

THEN! I did a 25 minute elliptical (interval) course!

I don’t know where my energy came from today, I really don’t. I jogged faster than I ever have, and I did an extra bit of cardio at the end, which I usually don’t do if I do weights. I sure am happy it’s there though! I feel good. Very good.


*cup shredded wheat cereal with half a banana sliced on top
*half cup skim milk for the cereal


*veggie sandwich: arnold’s thin, roasted red pepper, eggplant with mozz (the last one, I had made extra), tzatziki sauce … BEST. EVER.
*18 all bran crackers
*Can of V8


*cup of cottage cheese (maybe a little more than a cup!)
*gala apple

Honestly, I was tired after the gym so this is what I wanted because it’s easy and yet still very delicious and nutritious! That apple, particularly, was bangin'. Super crunchy just the way I like it!

So after looking at what I’ve eaten today, it didn’t seem like enough. I went downstairs to find something else, but I didn’t see anything that was nutritious and quick AND something I actually wanted. I thought about veggie crunchers, but no, I’m pretty sure there’s no nutritional value there…and it felt forced rather than something I really wanted.

I started to make myself dessert (two servings of this "cheesecake" business with sliced strawberries on top) and I had a little piece that had broken off from the serving, a medium-size piece of the cake…and I looked at the dessert, and I gave it to my mom instead. It’s not unhealthy in terms of calories, or anything, but I realized I didn’t want it.

If I listen to the ol’ tum-tum and it feels like it’s done eating, then I’m done eating. And that’s what happened and I’m happy with that.

And now I'm off to finish my water, and then watch Biggest Loser and liveblog-it with Fat Bridesmaid over at her site: It's fun - you should come!


Foodie Girl said...

Wow! Great day! I am looking forward to having those days myself. It sounds wonderful to have so much energy when working out. Keep that momentum going!

karen@fitnessjourney said...

It sounds like all the positive things you are doing for your body is paying off in the form of increased energy. What a great workout you had.

Sara said...

nice!! i just want to say thank you for posting often and honestly. maybe i need to find some more people for my blogroll but i feel like with the holidays coming up, people are slacking...and you my dear are NOT!

Tricia said...

Sound like a great workout!

Kathryn Crawford said...

Seriously, that is an awesome awesome day at the gym. I really want to get back into the gym and hopefully someday not too far away I can have a post like this one myself. Jogging at 6mph, dude, that's totally running!! :) You rocked at the gym!


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