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19 November 2009

I Meal the Earth Move (Un.dah.Mah.Feet.)

Today was crazy busy!! And I’m sad to say, I forgot about my spinach goal completely today – it flew my mind so I didn’t eat any today. But I DID think of another goal that I’ll adopt along with the others, so that kind of (not really, at all) makes up for it? Ehhh? Crickets chirping!?!?!

So I got up at 5:30 in the godforsaken am to get to my temp gig on time, managed to make myself a gigantic breakfast that was actually kind of spread out over the morning – I ate the oatmeal at 6:30, the V8 in the car (so 7-7:50ish) then the cottage cheese around 8am. It was a progressive breakfast through major streets of the dc metro area.

Lunch was half-hearted, I’ll admit. Not at all creative. Tasty, yes. Filling – actually, surprisingly, yes. But well-planned…I’d say not so much.

I did get in about 30 minutes of brisk walking today on a break, which was nice. It definitely helped since:

The gym got cut short today. I got off at 2:30 (an hour later than I was supposed to) and hurried home to get to the gym before I met some friends at 4pm. So I cut my workout short. I did 11 minutes on the treadmill for warm up, three machines, then some jump rope and abs stuff. I alternated rope, abs, rope, abs. I was still there for almost an hour but I didn’t get back to the other machines like I would have liked to.

**which reminds me, because I'm literally adding this after I've posted/written everything else: my new goal! I want to do abs work everyday. Whether it's 3 reps or 250 reps. I don't even know what a low number or a high number would be, really. But I want to get better at this, it's by far my least-worked muscle and the one that needs the most help**

So I race home, quickly check email (more on that in a hot minute) and jump in the shower and head out to meet some friends. They just bought a condo so I went over to see it. We ran some errands and then went to a CHINESE FOOD PLACE for dinner. AGH! Read ahead to see if I was good or bad :-)

Oh, and water. 76oz today. Same as yesterday!

So – I just want to take a second to thank all of you lovely lovely commenters – not only for the jeans thing (which I TOTALLY wore again today. Bangin’) – but just in general. I love to hear from you because you all keep me going and I get inspired and ideas every day from you. THANK YOU! For realsies. Internet Hugs.

Whew! So 5:30am to 9:30pm, I’m just now home and sitting, and it’s lovely. Just like you.


*pumpkin oatmeal (I took a quaker instant pack – cinnamon roll flavored – and added pumpkin puree, just as a quick addition kinda deal)
*can of V8
*cup of cottage cheese

Lunch: (on the go at work)

*half a peanut butter sandwich on homemade wheat bread

Snack: (on the way to the gym)

*gala apple


*steamed mixed veggies and brown rice (occasionally dipping lightly in some delicious mystery sauce of some kind)

PS - To my GLEEKS, did you watch last night? And did you totally cry when they sang Lean on Me? JUST ME?! Because I totally cried. And then I downloaded the cast's version of Lean on Me this morning and was listening to it driving into work and I started tearing up AGAIN! I had to switch to a different song because I didn't want to walk into work with my mascara running :-P


Someday SkinnyMinnie said...

1. Yes. I definitely cried.
2. Good for you with the Chinese food thing! I am taking my aunt to lunch tomorrow and Chinese food is kind of her thing. I'm planning on broccoli chicken and not eating the rest of the day.
3. I don't really know what I'm doing here, but for my ab workout I use an ab roller and do 10 reps each of legs in the air crunches, left side crunches, all the way up sit ups, right side crunches, and leg lifts-but I don't put my feet back on the ground until I complete all 10. I hope that makes sense. I do this system 4 times or so and then do a plank at the end as long as I can, which let's be honest, isn't that long. I've done this every day since Tuesday. Good luck!!

Sara said...

good food day! as for the daily abs, you will see/feel a difference with a quickness! i hate lying down, and like standing ab work, like high knee raises where you bring your knee up to the opposite elbow..or ones where you stand up w/hands at your sides holding 3-5 lb weights and just do side bends. thanks for the comment today, i needed that!

Ashley said...

So, I was, at this very moment listening to the Glee cast version of Lean on Me!

Yum Yucky said...

Geesh. I'm so behind in my exercising this week. And your water consumption is embarrassing the measley sips I took.

But BRAVO to you!


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