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16 November 2009

Lars and the Meal Girl

Sometime after I had breakfast I decided that today would be a “Do Whatever” day. I took a REALLY long nap. I watched TV and goofed around on the internet. And for dinner I had White Castle! They were the frozen version that you microwave two at a time – 310 calories for the two. Not the worst, but not exactly nutritious. And I ate fake-cheesecake!

Ha, and I think you can probably figure out I didn’t go to the gym today!

To be honest I don’t really feel that guilty. It was nice to relax, mentally and physically. And it doesn’t feel like a slippery slope. Just a choice to take a day off.


*cup/glass of milk
*other half of the zucchini/egg frittata I made the other day, with ¼ cup of the taco ground turkey on top, with a couple tbsp salsa on top. Tex-mex eggs?


*cup veggie crunchers
*taco salad (using the rest of last night’s taco ground turkey, 3 or 4 tbsp salsa, chopped romaine lettuce, 2 tbsp sour cream)


*2 servings of the “no-bake cheesecake”


*cup of veggie crunchers
*two White Castle mini-burgers


Greta from said...

225...lookin' good!! Hey, I gave you an award. :) Come see.

Foodie Girl said...

Sounds like my day. Wish I could have had that nap though!

Katie J said...

You are allowed to chill. It was an exception and not the norm :-)

Kathryn Crawford said...

Ha, that movie made me cry! Does that make me weird? Also, relaxed day is good!


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