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20 November 2009

Meal Good, Inc.

Pretty relaxed day. Lunch with a friend – indulged a little at Panera.

I just finished an 8 minute abs video (via YouTube) … it was okay. I’m trying to do the moves correctly, and I sorta feel it in my stomach but I feel it most in my neck and I know that’s not right. I don’t know how to not strain my neck, even when I am using stomach muscles. I can feel the stomach muscled contract and work and everything, but my neck still tenses up and I’m making sure I’m breathing, etc. Is it just because I’m beginner and have literally no muscles to start with? Meh. I’m gonna stick with it but I feel like I won’t make much progress if I keep feeling it in my neck moreso than my stomach. I’ve tried to change it and I don’t know how! AGH!

Also, had spinach twice today to try and help make up for yesterday’s lack o the green stuff. :-)

So far I've had 68oz. of water today, but I’ve got one more 20oz refill to go – so by day’s end we’ll be at 88!


*2 cups spinach cooked down with a clove garlic and tbsp butter with:
*3/4 cup egg subst.
*30 pom seeds (what’s a serving of these things anyway?)


* @ panera: you pick two: sierra turkey sandwich and French onion soup (with an apple!)

bad news – other than choosing the apple as the side (yay me!) none of those things are healthy options. They aren’t the worst but they aren’t the best. Good news – I didn’t eat everything. There was a little left of the sandwich and about half the soup.


*salad: spinach, 1 LCL wedge, pom seeds and baked acorn squash (diced in 1 inch cubes, covered in a little EVOO and S&P and then baked in the oven at 375 for 40 mins)


Sara said...

i just read 'pom' for pomegranate seeds as 'porn' seeds. heh. anyway, yeah, make sure you support your neck and keep your eyes on the ceiling, no matter what the abs instructor says. pulling up your neck does suck. also, abs videos are made for 142 lb housewives, do don't be afraid to modify! have a good weekend!

Foodie Girl said...

I love Pom juice, but have never really tried to buy the whole fruit. It must be tasty though because everyone is blogging about those delicious little mongers.

Kat said...

I do the neck pulling thing, too...I think you're right about having weak abs. If you're focused on the end result (i.e., sitting up) instead of how to get there, you'll use other muscles you're not targeting. I think.

And I keep mistaking "porn" for "pom" as well ;) About the serving size - bear in mind that they're only teeny parts of that whole fruit...if you ate an orange or something about that size, you'd snarf the whole thing, right? That's why I gladly snarfed my entire pom's worth of seeds the other day...even though the tartness made my tongue go a little numb. By god, I was going to eat the whole thing.

SlenderSwan2B said...

Your doing so good on your water!!! I had left a comment close to two weeks ago about how I held a special interest in you since your pictures and weights could be my coworkers. I finally got her to look at your blog. She said she had to sit there and seriously think if she had those shirts in her closet as those pictures could be her. I am trying to get her to start a blog anon as she is almost ready to join me in the weight loss boat. :)

Anonymous said...

The secret to not hurting your neck is to lift your chin to the ceiling on your "up". Literally, point and poke the ceiling with your chin. It makes a world of difference.


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