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14 December 2009

All The Weigh Down

(Today's post title brought to you by Glen Hansard - this song is from the Once soundtrack. Such a good album. I listen to Say It To Me Now over and over and over again)

I’m not sure how to feel about today’s weigh-in. I mean, let me be clear: it’s good – no – great! But I only exercised twice last week – Monday and Wednesday. So I can only assume my deficit was obtained by eating less.

I guess my loss this week doesn’t feel as earned as it has in previous weeks. I want exercise to be a part of this weight loss too, so when I take it out…it feels like I’m not doing things right.

So this week didn’t incorporate everything that I wanted it to, but it was more about healthy eating than controlling calories, because I don’t count calories. So it’s still a good thing, especially with my fruit/vegetable goal. I think that helped. And just in general, I want my eating to be about focusing on the right choices, making nutritional choices, not just eating less or limiting my calories. I don’t want to rely on diet foods. Though there are exceptions, like those 100 calorie popcorn bags. Delicious! Even though I read an article recently that microwave popcorn is one of several foods that “food experts” stay away from because of the chemicals that can come from the bag during the heating process. Mmmmm, chemicals (/Homer Simpson)

Well I’ve kept you here long enough, haven’t I? If I was a reality show I’d go to commercial right now and really get you riled up. And then you’d vote me off the island or I wouldn’t be America’s favorite dancer or I wouldn’t still be in the running towards becoming America’s Next Top HEY LOOK IT’S TYRA! That’s what I call the show because Tyra Banks is the most egomaniacal person in our solar system.

Okay! So here it is:


That’s a 3.2 loss from last week. Seems a little high for no exercise, and it actually makes me think I didn’t eat enough. But I ate healthy for the most part. And a loss is a loss so I’m happy about that.

It’s a new week and another opportunity!

(45.2 total pounds down!)


Rebecca said...

That is so awesome!!

and totally reiterates my point that weight-loss really does happen in the kitchen!!


Token Fat Friend said...

Yeah!!! Looking good!

Foodie Girl said...

Very good job! Way to go!


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