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16 December 2009

Oh, hi there.

I didn't post last night, that's obvious, no? I kinda, just, didn't feel like it. I turned my computer off early in the evening and wanted to step away from it a little bit. It didn't help that I didn't eat in a timely fashion yesterday and I wasn't looking forward to posting AGAIN about how I missed a meal because I'm a poor planner and got all crazy and distracted yada yada. I just get worried that you all out there in blogland are going to start thinking I have an actual problem of some kind - other than just being scatterbrained, mind you. I suppose I should also not care what other people think...but that's a completely different discussion/blog/world isn't it?

Okay, so let's just get down to business then!

I'lll start with our regularly scheduled progamming, Challenge Wednesdays!

...even though it's total BS. I call BS on the scale.

Do you know what it said?

I'll tell you.


Between Monday and now I seem to have gained like 3 pounds. Impossible. I believe the culprit to be water - both in that I didn't have enough of it on Tuesday, but also because I drank some this morning without thinking as I got up before I got on the scale. And That Biological Event of a Woman That Shall Not Be Named is coming up real soon. Gross.

The reasons for the scale number could be all of these or none of these, I don't know. Regardless I'm totally not buying this number at all, so no worries.

On to goal-tracking!

Last week's goals were:

*Keep tracking and drinking water! Check!
* Check!
*Do the Shred DVD at least once FAIL.
*Eat a fruit or a vegetable at every meal. Things like V8 or some soups count – but I don’t want to rely on them. So close! I'm gonna give myself a Half-Check on this one.
*Don’t look at the scale until Monday. Check!

I got most of 'em!

Goals for next week:

*Keep tracking and drinking water
*Vitamins every day
*Eat a fruit or a vegetable at every meal (V8 counts but I try not to rely on it)
*Go to the gym at least twice

Okay and now, finally, the meals from yesterday.

I had a second/final interview yesterday and I had to start getting ready around noon, and I didn’t get home until 5pm – hence the sporadic meals. They were nutritious and included veggies, though!

Vitamins – Check!

Water – Only 36oz. For shaaaame


*egg sandwich: egg subst., mushrooms, 2 thin slices avocado, ketchup
*can of V8


*half a cup of cottage cheese


*individual meatloaf (I ate about half, which is still a pretty big portion, well over 5oz)
*steamed broccoli
*glass of milk


*skinny cow ice cream cone


Jim Purdy said...

"I suppose I should also not care what other people think."

I agree, this should be for us, not for somebody else.

Rebecca said...

yay on the second interview!!

Tricia said...

Great job on completing most of your goals!


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