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15 February 2010

Gone Aweigh From Me

It's 6:15am as I type this, and I have to go to work today. Work on a holiday, sheesh! I'm still temping at the same place, and the "big events" that we've been gearing up for are happening at the end of this week. I basically have to front-load all my hours the first three days of the week. They told me not to be surprised if I knock out my 40 hours by Wednesday. Well then.

But you don't care so much about that, do you? I just wanted to start us off with something other than this, what I really wanted to say:


Mind you, good looking reader, that you are in no way the Sucka to which I am referring. Just a general exclamation (albeit a bit aggressive and/or fratty fratster) that shows my struggles are paying off. I feel like I'm scraping by; like I'm trying so hard but I still don't feel like I'm making progress.

I still feel like I go through an internal battle every time I eat something of good vs. evil, but I am making a difference! I'm down like 4 pounds from last week.

It's a good way to start the day, that's for sure!


One other thing before I go, lovelies. I want to start having better blogging practices again. Two things have been on my mind:

1 - The name of my blog is 100in12 - I feel like I've abandoned that journey completely. Not that I'm no longer trying to lose weight, but...that specific goal feels like it's almost all but slipped away. I don't like that, because it's very me. I'm good at starting things and terrible at finishing them. So I want to make an effort to try and return to my former glory of a few months ago.

2- I miss you guys. I miss commenting on your blogs and hearing about your days and your struggles and victories.

3 - I realize this is like the eighteenth time I've made this pledge. Yuck.



Brandi said...

I know how you feel. I'm trying to loose 30 and it feels impossible. I also start things and never finish!

You can do it!
I can do it!

Rebecca said...

yay for the loss!!

and i think we all go through phases where life just happens or uhm..the scale doesn't move! ha!

Sarah said...

Isn't it amazing what a difference a little bit of progress can make? Congrats!

100 Pounds in a Year said...

Keep going! Set yourself up for another loss next week. Even when you have a bad day, or do something you know you shouldn't have, blog about it.

Jess said...

I'm commenting to give you that little push that we all need. You can do it. It's tiring but the end reward is a much healthier, happier you. I'm working right now to get out of the 200's too, but for the FIFTH time. Talk about bad at maintaining. It's harder now too because I'm not excited to be in Onederland any more. It's more like, again?! Why do I put myself through this? But it's good.

You can do it :) I'm following you and if I can help make a difference by giving you extra motivation, then I'll feel accomplished.

Keep it up!


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