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20 February 2010

You've Lost That Lovin' Mealin'

Nothing happened today. Very low key, which is definitely a good thing!

So...I hope this doesn’t count. Going into Lent, my biggest concern was that I would accidentally forget about the sweets thing. I can be pretty forgetful.

This morning, I wanted to get to the grocery store early but didn’t want to go on an empty stomach, so for Breakfast I took a Luna Bar (Lemon Zest..NOMNOMNOM) and made a GreenSuperFood drink mix…and it was chocolate flavored. Now..okay, it’s a health drink mix, so it’s not like I ate cake. But still! Hrmmmm. I’ll try and forgive myself for this one, since I am avoiding Deep Chocolate Vitatops and my Dark Chocolate Dreams PB&Co. I think I can let a drink mix go.


I had sushi , and then some garlic naan with red pepper hummus. Random but both hit the spot.


Half a pink lady apple
Cup of peanut butter puffins


Serving of popchips
Handful of peanut butter puffins (I sense an obsession coming on….)


The other half of the pink lady apple from earlier
Wrap: tomato basil la tortilla wrap, 1 LCL wedge, 3 avocado slices, turkey breast, honey mustard, bread and butter pickles, alfalfa sprouts

Aaaand then I had like 18 handfuls of peanut butter puffins. YIKES, GUYS.

(in other obsession news, head on over to Jessica's blog to enter her chobani giveaway!)


Anonymous said...

Lemon Luna bars are my fave...YUM! I don't think your chocolate flavored drink mix counts as sweets...

kaitlin said...

OMG I love puffins!!! I need to try PB, I do like the plain rice flavor too though. They are really good mixed in with yogurt.

Becca said...

I concur - PB puffins are crack. Mix em with some vanilla greek yogurt. Yea, i'm going to go do that right now...


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