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21 February 2010

Man! I Meal Like a Woman!

Gotta make this one quick - it's time for me to get to bed (9pm, yes I am 26 and have the same sleep schedule as most 4 year olds...or 84 year olds for that matter) because I feel a long day comin' up tomorrow!


*scramble: egg subst., 1/3 red pepper diced, 1 spicy chorizo chicken sausage sliced, 1 tbsp ketchup
*cup of pb puffins with vanilla chobani


*garlic naan dipped with roasted red pepper hummus


*fruit salad – strawberries, pineapple, ½ a pink lady apple all chopped up
*sandwich: arnold’s thin, roasted red pepper hummus, alfalfa sprouts, feta cheese, turkey breast
*can of V8


*handful of pretzels
*handful of…guess…pb puffins! :-P


*Steamed carrots
*big hunk of bread with margarine
*diced baked potatoes
*chicken cordon bleu

(went over to my friend’s family’s house for dinner…they were having a big “family dinner” – grandparents, all the siblings and spouses, kids, and then they invited me! – and dinner was delish!)

1 comment:

Sarah said...

I bought a box of the peanut butter Puffins one day randomly, ate one bowl, and promptly threw the entire box in the trash because I knew that those things were dangerous. And the fact that they are organic does not make up for the fact that I would have eaten the entire box in one day...


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