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16 December 2012


it occurred to me that i am highly sick of posting nothing but feeeeeeeeeeeeelings on here. when i go to other blogs, rarely do i want to read those kinds of things, especially the health/food-ish kind of blogs. so, that stops. if you want to read feeeeeeeeeeelings, i am linking to my blog that i keep to help me deal with the compulsive eating. feeeeeeeeeeeeeelings.

on to pictures and such of what i ate today!

breakfast: two eggs with sriracha sauce, two chicken apple-maple sausages, grapes

lunch: balogna and cheese sandwiches, sunchips, and a not-pictured diet root beer (at my parents'  house for the redskins game today)

dinner: salad greens with trader joe's champagne pear vinaigrette, salmon with dill-lemon sauce

i also did week 1 day 2 of c25K today. day 1 i did on a treadmill, but i found a little bitty track near my apartment and so i ran outside this morning. it was cold, it was also uneven so jogging on a slight hill, even for a short period of time, made it a bit tougher. but i survived, it wasn't that difficult. i'm hoping i can get up tomorrow morning for day 3, but we'll see. it may wait until tuesday.

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