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22 December 2012


but only with one picture. i get self-conscious taking pictures of my food when i'm around other people. not that taking pictures of your food in public is a completely foreign thing, but...meh. i get self-conscious about pretty much everything when it's related to food and diet, whaddya gonna do. so to supplement the lack of today's food pictures, i'll give you some other fun ones.

but first, today's food.

so my breakfast was a cup of cottage cheese and a chicken apple maple sausage. 

lunch: (but really brunch...but can you have brunch if you had a real breakfast?) was at clyde's with a dear friend of mine, in the city. we went to see the roy lichtenstein exhibit at the national gallery of art, and then had brunch! i got the brunch burrito - which i believe had eggs, chorizo, cheese, black beans, in a flour tortilla with sour cream and tomatillo sauce. it was BANGIN' but i have zero idea of the nutritional value.

"dinner" was party food at another friend's house - her 30th birthday is today and we went over to her house to celebrate. her parents made a TON of food, so i ate: 3 dumplings (2 steamed, one pan-fried), about 5 chic-fil-a nuggets, about a cup of rice noodles, 2 shrimp, and two coke zeros. again, delicious, but not entirely sure of the caloric outcome.


what i *am* happy about, is that i declined all of the millions of desserts at this party. cheesecake, cheesecake bites, tiramisu, key lime pie, about four different kinds of cookies...also at brunch, instead of bringing bread for the table, they bring coffee cake. and i didn't have any of that, either.


additional food photos:

sweet potato quinoa cakes with blackberry salsa, and kale chips. i made this a few months ago, it was SO good.

i also made some bangin' deviled eggs. also i love my little bird timer in the background. he's pretty adorbs.

this was from my vacation in california, in august. i had my morning coffee, was sitting in a lounge chair reading game of thrones (the 4th one, at the time), wearing pajamas, and i was in california. life was pretty perfect.

i made this ombre fruit tray for a work breakfast. i felt like i won pinterest with this.

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