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20 December 2012

12-20 in total

thought i would change it up and just put everything in one post. so here we go!

breakfast: same as yesterday, gala apple and 1-2 tbsp of peanut butter (pb&co's mighty maple)

lunch: trader joe's (BIG SURPRISE) bistro salad - with kale, edamame, scallions, dried cranberries, toasted almond slivers, and a lemon herb dressing. and i added about 4-5 oz of chicken breast. b/c that's how i roll.

snack: coffee with half and half, if you even count that as a snack
snack #2: fage yogurt - this was good! i didn't use all of the jelly part, b/c i know that's where the sugar is!

dinner: i hope you don't think it's gross, but - two over easy eggs, 3-4 oz salmon, with sriracha on top. it's good! 

and finally, because, i have to mention trader joe's like seventeen million times a day, trader joe's sparkling water, lemon flavor! i lurrrrve it. this liter (litre?) is only 79 cents! say what! 

update on yesterday's public display of emotion: i made it through tonight's training session, though it was still difficult..but it's always going to be. and thank goodness, this week is almost over. if there's an equivalent of emotional crawling, that's what i'm doing through tomorrow at 5:30pm. and soon i can enjoy a little bit time off (but not much) for christmas next week and enjoy some general merriment with friends and family. 

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