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21 December 2012


not much else to say other than, i did get a little hungry and eat-eat-eat for dinner tonight. the calories are okay, though. the whole day adds up to 1810, give or take. i'm okay with a day like that, being on the higher end of what i prefer to have. nothing detrimental, and still no sugar :)

breakfast: i really need to get a new breakfast. gala apple and 1-2 tbsp of peanut butter (pb&co's mighty maple)

lunch: trader joe's harvest salad with grilled chicken (the two cubes of cheese come in the salad but i like to eat them separately, because..mmm, cheese.)

snack: fage yogurt, with cherry flavored...stuff.

dinner: trader joe's paneer tikka masala with garlic naan (also from trader joe's)

"dessert" aka "laura was still hungry": 9 shumai dumplings with crab

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