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25 October 2009

Sad Food


*1/2 a cup egg subst. scrambled with garlic salt and 1 LCL wedge on a medium whole wheat wrap, and a little bit of ketchup
*3/4 a cup of chocolate peanut butter oatmeal


*about 2 cups of veggie crunchers


*wrap: 5 oz grilled salmon, 1 tbsp of 1/3 less fat cream cheese, half a LCL wedge (I KNOW this sounds weird…I guess we all have weird food combinations we like, yeah?)
*baby carrots and hummus (sabra individual size)


*wrap: medium whole wheat wrap, tuna, romaine lettuce and sliced baby cucumber, 7 bread and butter pickle slices, 1 tbsp honey mustard


*one skinny cow dessert cone thing


Today was not an easy day. I felt hungry all day. I was bored. It was the perfect day to go run/walk on the track, and I didn't. And I was thisclose to breaking down and going to the grocery store to buy junk, or make a big vat of pesto pasta and garlic bread, or make one of the frozen pizzas we have, or easy mac (I never said my culinary palette was sophisticated!), or any other sort of junk you could imagine. I wanted it. And I thought about my weigh in tomorrow. And then I drank a glass of water and ended up making what I ate.

I know the end result is me making a good choice, but I hate that I got so close to making a bad one - and no exercise all week. Of course that may have something to do with my less-than-stellar mood, which then feeds into my not wanting to exercise, and the whole thing feeds on itself and leaves me sitting here sulking and all moody and annoying.

I've been feeling pretty down lately, still no job (it's been almost 11 months now) and no money, and any money I get from temp work goes straight to my parents. And don't get me wrong, I am ecstatic I can pay them back even a little at a time, because they are amazing and their generousity isn't lost on me, but it still leaves me broke and the cycle continues.

I'm 26 living the life of a 17 year old. It's humiliating.

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Someday SkinnyMinnie said...

Where are you? We need to be friends in real life, I think. I could have written this word for word (well, without your food tracking, except you have inspired me to make tuna tomorrow) and I'm pretty sure I did yesterday.

Today was a better day for me and tomorrow will be a better day for you. Good luck at your weigh in! I'll send you good thoughts as I'm stepping on the scale myself!


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