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25 November 2009

Challenge Wednesdays

Well, Taylor humbled me a little today. In all honesty, I wanted to get to 220 today. Dare I say it, I expected it. The other challenge weeks so far I’ve been down a pound or sometimes two from Monday-Wednesday. I had always questioned why, and kind of thought it might be a trick of the scale just in my favor – and I expected the same today.



Now, that is still a 2.8 loss from last week, so that’s good! But only a .2 loss from Monday? I’ve had two good days with good food and great exercise. My one guess is because I didn’t drink as much water yesterday as I usually do…

I am well aware that scale victories are not the only kind and certainly the least reliable...maybe Taylor is teaching me to not rely on her. Maybe she’s teaching me to not expect things from her. Regardless of the numbers on the scale, I know when you start to expect results (and not focusing on the work you're doing), is when you probably stop seeing them...even though I worked hard these past two days.

Okay, enough. I'm upset about this number, but, I can kind of feel that its like a little-kid-bratty-upset and not a legitimate upset.

I’m going to go ahead and get over myself for complaining about what is really a 2.8 loss from last week. This WI technically has nothing to do with Monday and I should treat it as such, despite what I had hopes for. I can still work toward those progress pictures for Monday. I want to take them so badly!

As far as Challenge housekeeping goes, last week’s goal To Do list was:

*keep tracking water – CHECK!
*make something out of that acorn squash I have, and finally peel/open that pomegranate! CHECK!
*go to the track (I kind of like it there) CHECK!
*eat spinach every day this week Almost Check! Missed one day.
*do abs work everyday (added late but SO not check – Since Thursday of last week – I did abs stuff on Friday and Monday. Oops. I still don’t like them!)

So kinda didn’t do the abs thing…I really don’t like doing abs work. I think I’m getting better at targeting the muscles though. So what to set for this week...hmmm….

*keep tracking water
*take vitamins everyday (I take one for vitamin B, calcium, and one fish oil caplet)
*do abs work more days out of the week than not (so at least four days)
*exercise on Thanksgiving! Sweat it out!


karen@fitnessjourney said...

I hate doing ab crunches too-sooo boring. Last week after I finished my session with my trainer he asked if I noticed that we didn't do any crunches. It hadn't occurred to me, but it was true. We did other core training work instead like standing on one foot or on a Bosu ball. That will work your abs and it's not just a bunch of boring crunches. Have you tried any DVD's that focus on core work? You might find that you are more motivated if you are doing something different.

A Daunting Tale of Scale Warfare said...

Seriously 2.8 lbs in a week is freaking awesome. Great job :) I'd love to see 2.8 lbs in a week lol!

Foodie Girl said...

I plan to walk this evening with my mother and then again early tomorrow morning! Gotta get it in before the foodie festivities!

Tony the Pink Panda said...

2.8 is great :).

徵信社 said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.



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