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23 November 2009

Right Here Weighting (hehehehe, Richard Marx, you and your mullet...)

Taylor and I continue growing closer each week as I try crushing her less and less and she continues to flatter me and give me presents. I hope we can maintain this healthy relationship!

Today she gave me quite the gift.


That is 4.2 pounds down from last week! I think I was definitely rewarded for good behavior – my exercise was really good and I had fun and creative and nutritious meals throughout the week. AND! I got steamed veggies and brown rice (and ate about ¼ of the rice at most) at a freaking Chinese place! MMM. Chinese. I’ve mentioned this before, but you know how my parents are snowbirds and when they leave in January, I go wilder with food than an 18 year old in Cancun? Chinese food was ordered a lot…I used to get eggrolls, low mein, crispy beef, general tso’s chicken, and pan fried dumplings. FOR MYSELF. It would last 3 or 4 meals at least, and even then they were huge portions. Yeesh.

Anyway my point is that I love Chinese food but I resisted, and I was rewarded by Taylor this morning :-)

And I’m only a couple of pounds away from those progress pics! Maybe next Monday, even, I can take them…if I survive Thursday without diving headfirst into my mom’s stuffing and the THREE pies that will be at our house! Oh, plus leftovers!? Come on now. Leftovers are easily the worst part about Thanksgiving (or the best, depending on if you’re trying to lose weight or not). I’m lucky that I don’t really like the mashed potatoes the second time around, so I can easily avoid those. But again with the dressing, or a cranberry sauce and turkey sandwich!? Gah – best sandwich ever. For realsies. And there will be leftover pie. And…you get the idea.

I’ll maybe allow myself a turkey and cranberry sandwich, but I’m gonna keep it clean like I did for Halloween – I still have not had a SINGLE piece of Halloween candy…and oh yes, it’s still in our house. A small bag of it, but it’s still there. It doesn’t really bother me, but it’s like a little gnat flying around, I just want to squash it!

Well – that’s three days from now so until then, I’m just gonna keep doin’ what I’m doin’ and not worry about it too much. The day is about friends and family first! (and alliteration?)


Rebecca said...

Thank god I'm not the only one who names their scale!! Mines named Sammy and for some reason I freaked out about the fact that he may die soon. No reason other than I noticed he's pretty concave at top.

Anyways... holla for the fabulous weigh-in!

and fistbump to some awesome stuffing this year!

Alix said...

Ringing the happy bell. Outstanding performance by a dietor. So excited for you, chica! Rock on!

Kat said...

I secretly love that song. Great job, Kat. Secret's out. Sheesh.

Holy crap, 4.2lbs? Nailed it.

266 said...

Fabulous! You are tearing up this weight loss streak! Keep it up, girl; I know you can make it through Thanksgiving AND all it's leftovers!

Someday SkinnyMinnie said...

Do you realize you've already met your December and January goal? That's crazy, lady! Crazy in an amazing and fabulous way! Congrats!

Chicken and broccoli is also easy on the diet diary in terms of Chinese food, if you wanna get saucy. =)

Katie J said...

Yay!!! That is a great loss!

Looking forward to updated progress pics. I just did mine over the weekend.

Kristina said...

Great loss this week! And I absolutely LOVE that you named your scale! lol Cant wait to see the progress pics. Im getting ready to update mine as well (yikes)! Have a Happy Thanksgiving.......without "giving" in! lol

Foodie Girl said...

Just catching up! WooHoo!! Great job on the weigh in! Can't wait to see new photos!


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