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26 November 2009

In which I compare myself to the Redskins, but it's a good thing!

To update yesterday’s water totals, I ended up at 116oz, so I had a few more bottles while watching Glee :-)

You’ll be happy to know that as I was going to bed, I finally got over the weigh in. I was thinking about today, and it just hit me:

It’s just a day.

Up until yesterday I had been kind of anxious about it “What will I eat? How will I handle eating differently in front of our family friends? Will they notice? Will they question me? Will I go overboard? I wonder if I can say no to pie? Can I really say no?” and the questions go on and on…

And really, there is no need. (this is when I hear all of you say, “You’re just getting to this place now?!!?” heh)

I realized there’s no need for the pressure. I’m doing great so far, and no matter what I do today, I’m not going to gain back 40 pounds in one day. This. one. day. is not going to ruin all of my efforts.

It’s not a reason to go nuts, but it is a reason to relax and not stress so much.

I’m just going to trust myself.

And the same goes for yesterday. Yes, I was mopey and complainy and gross, but the same Thanksgiving principle applies – I didn’t gain back 40 pounds, did I? No. It wasn’t what I wanted, but that happens and it’s part of the process sometimes. And this kind of thing can go for not just anyone that doesn't get the loss that they want, but a gain too (hah, so I can keep this philosophy in mind for Monday!!)

So not like you care, but I’m okay with yesterday.

In a way, it’s kind of good – like the Redskins for example (not that I want to parallel my efforts to the season of the Redskins, because then I really am doomed for failure…sorry guys, you know I love you) – in seasons past we’ve started off winning, and we get to 2-0 or 3-0 and the pressure just exponentially grows to keep it up – watching the games becomes harder and less fun because it becomes less about the game and more about the streak. Can they keep it up, will they keep it up? And it almost feels like the team will literally cease to exist if they drop the streak.

A bump in the road (a L in the Redskins case, or Yesterday, in my case) doesn't mean the world is ending. It can be good, to kind of reset yourself and start fresh.

That’s kind of how I feel. There’s more pressure to keep an undefeated streak (say, knocking it out of the park *LOL mixing sports metaphors!!* every week which I’ve been proudly doing) than to treat each week separately and not link it to weeks past or even weeks future. It’s much more enjoyable when you don’t have that pressure, even, uh, if it might be self-enforced.

I’m happy to say there’s no pressure here today. I’m excited to see my friends and family, and eat and drink with them and have a wonderful holiday and to wear my 18 jeans and look friggin’ sweet in them.

Enjoy today, everyone! Happy Thanksgiving, and Happy Regular Thursday to our Canadian friends :-)

(PS - that would be SIZE 18 jeans, not 18 pairs of jeans. I don't have costume changes at Thanksgiving. Though now I'm starting to think it might be a good idea...)

(PPS - Another way I can be thankful in relation to the Redskins? I may have not had the loss number I wanted, but at least I didn't get BEAT BY THE DETROIT LIONS. I'm still bitter.)


Dree said...

I'm glad to hear that you're in a good place. You're right- it is just a day. Enjoy your Thanksgiving festivities! Have a great Thanksgiving.

266 said...

Wow. See, this is why I come to blogland for inspiration. Thank you so much for posting this! I think your analogy is an excellent one and I will be keeping this specific post in mind when I am feling more the pressure of a streak than the pure desire to continue losing. Honestly, this was very well thought out and I thank you for writing it.

Someday SkinnyMinnie said...

Exactly. Yes.


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