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26 November 2009

I Meal Pretty, oh so pretty!

Well? How did we all do today? :-)

I’m happy to report that I’m happy!

For breakfast I had:

*cup (maybe a little more) of cottage cheese
*gala apple

I had a small-ish breakfast, and then was busy helping with cleaning and cooking that I didn’t end up eating again until we were getting food set out as our guests were coming over. And once our family friends came over (who brought appetizers) I had just one little bacon-wrapped date. It was SO GOOD. But I just had the one, and enjoyed a small glass of my favorite kind of Riesling.

At dinner I had a little bit of everything. To drink I had another small glass of Riesling, a glass of sparkling cider after dinner, and several glasses of water throughout. My plate was full but not overloaded, and same goes for me post-meal! I had a small small portion of mashed potatoes, and average portions of turkey, cranberry sauce, one of my mom’s famous clover-leaf rolls, green beans, five cup salad (I hear this also referred to as Ambrosia) carrots, even stuffing was the same size portion as everything else!

For dessert I had a small serving of sugar free ice cream (maybe 1/3 of a cup) and piece of Derby Pie, which is apparently pecan pie with chocolate added in. It was insanely good. I ate it slowly and really enjoyed it.

My water count for the day is 100oz, plus whatever I had during and after dinner. I don’t know how large our water glasses were, nor do I know how many I drank. But 100oz beforehand is pretty good!

I’m definitely happy with today.

Also, a little NSV: two of my friends that live out of town stopped by to say hello to my family – and one of them, one of my best friends who hasn’t seen me since July, said that I looked really good. That was nice to hear :-)

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Foodie Girl said...

Sounds like you had a smashing good time!


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