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25 November 2009

Dan in Meal Life

Well, I moped today, if I'm being honest. My excuse for not doing anything today is so that by tomorrow I'll feel so lethargic that I won't bargain my way out of some late morning activity. But really, I moped. I know it's ridiculous, but I was looking forward to seeing that 220 number. I should know better, but sometimes emotions run things.

Today was the first day in a while that I didn't feel like being on track. I did pretty well with food, but all day I just wanted to eat eat eat, and a part of me wanted to go back to eating the way I used to, without caring about nutrition or how it made my ass look! Probably a reaction to me being fussy about this morning's weigh-in, which can I point out again that I know I am being completely absurd about it, but it's aggravating nonetheless to have these little urges and wants to eat 3 hot dogs in one sitting or go play video games (which I did today, what's up Super Mario Brothers 3) with an entire bag of frosted mini wheats by my side (which I did not do today!). I had a little fun indulgence at dinner, but it's reasonable. You'll see, it's not so bad.

And I'm still working on the water. I've got only 56oz so far today! See? With the moping? Pathetic. I'll get over myself eventually. But I've got another full bottle here that's 20oz, so I'll definitely have this one and maybe one more. Perhaps I shall update later with a final amount.


*egg sandwich: 1 LCL wedge, egg subst, ketchup, 1/8 of an avocado sliced, toasted arnold’s thin
*1/2 cup cottage cheese


*3/4 cup veggie crunchers
*sandwich: toasted arnold’s thin, 2 slices avocado, roasted red pepper, 2 tbsp tzatziki sauce


*egg in a pocket!!!

(*DO NOT read if you don’t like runny eggs!!)

My mom used to make this for me all the time as a kid. Butter a piece of bread (I used whole grain, and country crack) and use a glass to cut a hole out of the bread. Place in pan butter side down for a few minutes, add egg, when it’s almost all the way cooked flip it over for a few minutes. The whites are cooked but the yolk is still runny and you cut into it and it’s eggy and the toasted buttery bread soaks up the yolk with the firm whites and agghhhhhhh DROOL.

It was technically on the indulgent side for me, considering I can’t remember the last time I used butter for anything…but I would still consider it a very small dinner. But it totally hit the spot.

(All you runny-egg-haters can continue reading now!)

Dinner came on the heels of a fun evening with my parents discussing Thanksgiving and family food traditions – how my maternal grandmother was not really that much of a cook, but my fraternal grandmother could whip up lobster thermidor in the blink of an eye. How our Thanksgiving food has changed over the years, and of course, how obsessed I am with my mom’s stuffing hehe. We talked about the first meals my parents cooked for each other (my mom’s was mac and cheese, my dad’s was grilled cheese and tomato soup…they were classy youngsters) and it was fun. Anyway all this nostalgia brought me around to Egg in a Pocket, and it was the perfect dinner. So amazingly simple and delicious.

Speaking of my parents, they recently celebrated their 41st wedding anniversary. I count my lucky stars every single day that I have two parents that love each other the way mine do - my mom is endlessly entertained by my dad, and my dad thinks my mom is the most adorable woman on the planet. My favorite part of all this is that they met in February of 1968 and were married in October of 1968. They were 24 and 22 years old. Unbelievable. They are my role models.

Look how hot they were. I think this was right when they got married:

This is my favorite picture of them. I don't know who took it, but they captured such a sweet moment:


266 said...

It's great that you have such wonderful role models for love! Congrats on your loss... I know that's it's not what you wanted to see, but the number is still moving down!

Kat said...

Sometimes we all need a good mopey day. I hope you're feeling peppier tomorrow! Congrats to your parents! Those are some good pictures you've got of them! My parents are similar - they started dating in Oct 1981 and were married May 1982!


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