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27 November 2009

I Don’t Meal Like Dancin’

Today felt more Thanksgiving-ish than yesterday in some ways. I got up, made myself breakfast, and then watched some TV on Hulu and….then took a nice long nap :-) Heh. Got up, had a thanksgiving-inspired-lunch, and then decided to add some productivity to my day.

I had a baby workout. I had to run some errands so I wore my gym clothes out to get me to go at the end. And I did! But I didn’t realize that the gym had holiday hours and were only open until 4:30. And I got there at 4. So I did a quick 20 minutes on the treadmill, and part of that was running a mile again! 4.8mph at no incline, same as Monday.

Going in I knew I wanted to do it again, and come away with confidence and not skepticism this time :-)

The last couple of minutes felt tougher than last time, I’ll admit. But I did it!

Otherwise, food intake was okay, maybe a little on the low calorie side. And I should have (or deserved to, taking a cue from 105 in 365!) gotten more veggies/fruit in.

Water = 136oz! Stellar.


*half a cup cottage cheese
*arnold’s thin toasted with I Can’t Believe butter spray


*sandwich: arnold’s thin, 1 tbsp mayo, piece of romaine lettuce, 5 oz turkey breast, 2 slices cranberry sauce
*cup veggie crunchers


*Tastybite Madras Lentils Soup
*half a large sweet potato, mashed with a little salt and pepper, ICBINB Spray


Foodie Girl said...

Great job on that workout! I wanted to... no excuses. I just didn't.

Dree said...

What a nice day! Good for you for getting that workout in. And the running on the treadmill! Woo!

Lil Miss D (105in365) said...

hey thanks for the shout out lady! and yes, pfft to coulda would shoulda! you do DESERVE to ;)

love your 'baby workout'. My days are filled with baby workouts these days! But hey, better than nothing right? In fact, I think I deserve a baby workout right now :D

karen@fitnessjourney said...

I might have left when I found out the gym would be closing soon-but not you! That's great.


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