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22 February 2010

Any Weigh You Want It

This morning Taylor says:


Same as last week! To be honest with you, my initial reaction is frustration, but I think considering I ate my weight in peanut butter puffins this weekend, it’s okay. I’m going to accept my maintain.

(Sarah, re: your comment, I am NOT buying any more of these after this box is done...there's maybe 1/4 of the box left now and that's after having it for two days! Haha, it's not good. These are a total danger zone. I wonder if I could rig up a system like in greeting cards where everytime I open the pb puffins box it plays Highway To The Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins.)

In other news, my sad little giveaway ended, and KatDoesDiets is the winner! Hooray!

In other other news, I made it through all the stages with another EHarmony Guy. EHarmony Guy 2, I guess. EHarmony Guy: The Squeakuel. EHarmony Guy: The Empire Strikes Back. Anyway, he’s actually one of the guys I initiated contact with, so that’s cool I guess. We’re meeting next Sunday afternoon. We’ll see what happens!

*Speaking of Highway To The Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins, I had that as my ringtone for about a you know how many smiles and laughs and compliments I got on it?! Haha, seriously, if random people heard my phone ring they'd come up to me and be like "That's. Awesome." People love them some Top Gun.


266 said...

Lol! Love that song! Great job maintianing despite - what is that stuff - cereal? Have fun with guy #2

Jen said...

Love that song. Too funny. Maintaining is better than gaining. Kick into high gear this week. Good luck with eH Guy #2.

Stepping On Cheerios said...

I recently discovered that my 30+ pound weight gain is due to a new medication I am on. I feel frustrated too!

I think a week of maintaining is great!

Keri said...

What are peanut butter puffins? lol I've seen you mention those before and I've never heard of them. ;)

Steve said...

Dare I ask what a peanut butter puffin is...? I love peanut butter, and it's a undisputable fact that Puffins are awesomer versions of I am intrigued. :)


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