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22 February 2010

Can You Meal the Love Tonight

I feel like I have a lot in my food section. But most of those are cups of green tea...I drank SEVEN today. I have no idea why. I just kept going back and filling up over and over. Oh well. Antioxidants, here I come.

I actually had a pretty good day, I think. I managed to motivate myself to go to the gym, I ate really healthfully, and I got to use a new lunchbox!

I picked myself up a Bento Box the other day! (made by Laptop Lunches, which is basically for kids but who cares)

Look how cute! The fruit and the cracker ones have lids that go on them and to the right there's a space for utensils. Which I didn't use, because I'm classy.


*strawberry chobani
*half a pink lady apple

Between breakfast and lunch:

*cup of green tea
*half a lara bar
*another cup of green tea!
*aaand another cup of green tea
*and another cup of green tea


*baby carrots
*sandwich: roasted red pepper hummus, 1 LCL wedge, a few slices of turkey breast, alfalfa sprouts (this was SO GOOD) I had to stop and pace myself to keep from wolfing it down it 2 seconds. OMNOMNOM.
*mix of pineapple and strawberry chunks
*all-bran garlic & herb crackers
*can of V8

*another cup of green tea
*another cup of green tea (that makes 6!)
*another cup of green tea (7...yeesh)

*other half of the lara bar
*then I made the berry flavored greensuperfood packet to drink on the way home before the gym!

The gym!
 2 minutes walking, 8 minutes running at 5.0mph
4 weight machines
2.5 minutes on the stairmill
one more weight machine
3 minutes running at 5.5mph
3 minutes walking at 2.6mph

Dinner: (aka Breakfast for Dinner) proteintastic!

*cup of cottage cheese
*egg subst. with Canadian bacon with a little bit of ketchup

Post Script up in this bitch!

Jen @ Prior Fat Girl is doing a totally sweet giveaway. Check.Check.Check-a-Check it out!


KatDoesDiets said...

I love your post titles. Cute lunchbox!

Becca said...

This is an all star day. I'm jealous. Also, where did you get the lunch box. I may need to steal that idea.

Bowmanh23 said...

I love the bento box. I think I am going to get one. Oh, and I love your blog titles lately. It reminds me of the show "Dinner and a Movie" where they would make meals named after movies- very cute.


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