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25 February 2010

Meal Big Fish

Ate good stuff today. The only thing that wasn’t great was the Progresso Soup – it tasted great but the sodium for the particular kind I had was THROUGH THE ROOF insane. Like 41% in ONE serving. How can a can of soup have 82% of a person’s daily sodium intake!? It’s not right. Good thing I drank a lot of water today (116oz plus 5 cups of green tea)

Really looking forward to the weekend. Gonna see Shutter Island with a friend tomorrow, do absolutely nothing and love it on Saturday, and then I’ve got a EH date on Sunday. Should be good.

AAAAAAND I'm going to go to bed in 4 seconds. I'm so tired! I need a good night's sleep, homeslices.

Oh, before I go, can anyone give me their experience with/opinion on the iPod 160GB Classic? (the new one with the cover flow and all that...)


*3/4 cup egg subst. with 1/4 cup reduced fat sharp cheddar, 1 diced slice of canadian bacon
*1/2 cup cottage cheese
*1/2 a banana


*one serving of peanut butter puffins (I took what was left of the box and portioned it out to make it easier on myself. I still resent this cereal for being so damned delicious)


*half a pink lady apple diced,half a banana sliced
*PB sandwich: honey wheat arnold's thin with 1 TBSP The Bees Knees PB&Co peanut butter. I heart PB&Co!
*1 serving of All-Bran Garlic & Herb crackers


*9 baby carrots
*100 calorie bag of 94%fat free kettle corn (Smart Pop stuff!)


*Progresso Manhattan Clam Chowder soup (left about ¼ a cup of broth in the bowl)
*garlic naan bread dipped in TJ’s Roasted Red Pepper Hummus


Scuttleboose said...

Just found your blog, and I have to say, you have the best post titles ever! Bitingly funny :)

Keri said...

You'll love Shutter Island. Leo D is so great!! Have fun!

100 Pounds in a Year said...

I've got the 80gb iPod Classic. It's pretty nice. There are a few features in it I really like besides the obvious video and MP3 player. It has a search option which is great considering my music collection occupies about 65 gigs on my device. The battery life has been fantastic compared to my old iPod 3g.

If you want more of a toy, I'd suggest going with an iPod touch, but if you want something that's going to hold a TON of music and perform reliably, this is your best bet. Hope I've been helpful.


Katie J said...

Good luck on the eH date. Hope to see a happy post about it.

Have a good weekend!

Kat said...

I'm with 100lbs - I've got the 160gig and use it as my ENTIRE LIBRARY AT MY FINGERTIPS tool, but I want an iPod touch to "play" with, have a bigger screen for videos, get apps, etc. The 160 is nice if I want to find some random song or video, and I like that I can take it on long trips, car rides, etc. and have everything I own at my dispense.


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