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22 February 2010

Taking part of my lunch break to drop some knowledge

Okay Steve and Keri, you asked for it...don't say I didn't warn you.

PB Puffins, street code name Crack, are a delicious cereal.

Dish This says it best: "This puffin is like the dieter's version of Joe the Camel - sure he looks all cute and cuddly, but really he unlocks the door to something addictive and dangerous..."

I guess the stats aren't terrible, but only when you look at them from a 1-serving-size-perspective. 15 handfuls later, maybe not so much? OHBUTTHEY'RESOGOOD. I'm sorry, the addict inside of me crept out for a second there.  

I would tell you to go out and get some because they're amazing, but I don't want to contribute to anyone's Puffin Bender and inevitable downward spiral into this cereal addiction.

When I was getting ready for work this morning, I was literally carrying the box around with me. Like all over the house. Like a child carries his/her favorite blankie. I was carrying the Puffins but I didn't end up eating any because I ran out of time, but I WANTED THEM and COULDN'T PUT THEM DOWN. Yikes, friends.

PS - my lunch today is DELICIOUS and super healthy and adorably packaged. I took pictures. You'll see it later :-)


Steve said...

Hey I've SEEN THEM!!!!

Where have I see them though? Hmmmmmm...

They like delicious, and I want 5 minutes ago!

Keri said...

Thanks chicky. I've never seen them before, I didn't even imagine that they were a cereal. Are they healthy in any way? I'm going to check out their info now. Thanks for the post ;)

nic said...

I love regular Puffins. Their stats are totally decent.

Scarlet Simple said...

I love cereal, it is a total down fall. I would love to try these though and perhaps get away from my every day bran flakes and skim milk!

HealthyMom said...

Very nice. I have seen them on the aisle at the store but never tried them. I will have to check it out.
Healthy Lifestyle

KatDoesDiets said...

I LOVE regular Puffins, never tried the butter ones, maybe better not?!


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